Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
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My Goal was I wanted to do as much game progress with the least amount of missions complete which was only Three.

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What a great time to restart Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with as much time consuming events completed
now you can enjoy the game with a fair few unlocks.

The saved file I proudly present to you includes the BEST start for GTA San Andreas with 0 cheats used
just a lot of time spend traveling long distances, dying A LOT, small accidents = reload game back and start all over.
Just saying, a lot of time went into this, but I enjoyed doing it and if I ever restart San Andreas just to replay the game I would use this save file too

So WHAT has been completed?

The Three missions completed are:
In the Beginning
Tagging Up Turf (I was going to fail this mission once I got all tags completed, I should have done the rest except the mission ones so you get the completion of all tags done
However, I thought to save confusion on tags completed with the mission plus the guns that spawn in CJ's house has helped me so much, so it was needed in the end)

Courier missions:
- Roboi's Food Mart
- Hippy Shopper
- Burger Shot

Stadium events:
- 8-Track
- Blood Bowl
- Dirt Track
- Kickstart

Vehicle challenges:
All Three Chiliad Challenges
BMX Challenge
NRG-500 Challenge

Vehicle missions:

Sprayed 100 Tags
Snapped 50 Snapshots
Collected 50 Horseshoes
Collected 50 Oysters

Also, most guns have reached Hitman level and I left a surprise gun for you to play with.

Have included a custom made checklist if you want to get 100% game completion

Move "GTASAsf1.b" into C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files