Legend of Grimrock

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- The dungegg is a 12 / 15 hour long custom dungeon.
- Includes some custom bosses
- Eggchant weapons and armor system!
- Start with new level 1 party

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The world was once ruled by eggseals.
Seals that where known to say nothing but egg.

But one day they disappeared,
And no one knows what happened to them.

Many dont even believe that they ever existed at all!

one lEGGendary place of the seals called: The Dungegg,
The dungeon of the eggseals believed to be lost forever, was found by 4 curious eggventurers!

Will they find anything about the seals?
And why they disappeared?

This mod was originally made for just 1 friend who never played grimrock before.
But I ended up putting way to much effort into it so I will share it to the world.
There are likely a lot of things/jokes you wont understand but it can still be enjoyed.