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This mod will change everything...
monsters*graphics*sfx*even size

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The deep dungeons Completely changed. Dungeon Master based mod - assets by Germannys Dungeon Master pack.

Massive dungeons ,completely improvment in Atmospheric sound fx and gameplay.
Collosal overhaul change.

-no healing crystals
-no lights , save any torch u can find
-ghosts can be seen only in the dark
-no food,save anything u can find
-tactical fights for make a place to rest
-some monsters have extremaly good eye sight
-there is no orginal monsters,all of them has been re-desinged in some way and created even more.
-water fountains works as a food replacement
-some monsters are very fast,some very big,some very aggresive
-reworked dungeon textures
-reworked sounds fx
-reworked monsters
-reworked particles system
-reworked ambience fx

Inspired on Dungeon Master game mechanics and atmospheric enviropment.

Under development !