Legend of Grimrock
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Working Colt Walker civil war revolver with lead shot ammo.

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Working Colt Walker civil war black powder, lead shot revolver for Legend of Grimrock 1.

It works fully, has lead shot ammo and you need to have a Rogue with at least a skill of 20 in assassination.

(If I put it as missile_weapons it starts firing two shots at once when the skill level goes above 31 because that's hard coded into the game)

You have your ammo in one hand and revolver in the other like a bow and arrows, it auto-collects the ammo back again like arrows as well.

The ammo is re-usable, I made it "level 50 throwing" to discourage people using it without the revolver, you just pick it up and use it again so you don't have to create too much, six is the recommended amount, it's a six shooter.

It does around 100 health points damage per shot.

3d Model From Free3D - Credit: warriornew22

Firing sound thanks to Akroma222

Not For Commercial Use.