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:: Author: "Trancelistic"

:: Description: "Kathzora's Quest: 05 JAN 2019"\

:: Concept: Exploring and finding a way out, like Dungeon Master.\

• 3.1.7 Legend of grimrock 1

• Many different floors.
• Added spells, gears, monsters and bosses.
• Learn spells before casting them.
• Pay the daemon for to use a crystal
• Forest/outdoor
• Starvation will kill you.
• None linear gameplay.
• Different endings.
• 101 secrets. (Not needed to end the game)
• Finding treasures has a purpose.
• Puzzles.
• Multible endings.
• Being poisoned must be cured. (it last a long time)

• Use comsumble items on the characters portrait instead of right clicking.
• Be sure to save often.
• Some "level up" books give false info about the requirements to use. *works anyhows* (for some reason it refuse's to act correct.)
• Level 1, the Misty forest, could run slow on older hardware so I've made'd a level skip just for those who need it, level 2 to the end runs just fine just like the normal game.

* Special thanks to:*\
- Almost Human.\
- Fazzasx, for being an awesome friend.\
- Neikun, for the water elemental, skulls and gold statues.\
- Kuningas, Slimes and some sets.\
- Tursas Slimes and some sets.\
- Lark, for his Led script. -- Sadly it doesn't work in my mod.\
- Thom, for usefull scripts on the forum.\
- Isaac, for his great help! Thanks so much.\
- Komag, for his useful scripts on the forum along with his runebooks scripts. \
- Minaway, for his great help on the forum.\
- Dr.disaster, such a nice guy, thanks!\
- John Wordsworth, for his spellbook script and his quickkbar.\
- Daniv, for the elemental pressure plates, the high & dark elf models and the Gaurdians.\
- LordYig for the different teleporters.\
- Nendos Norbi <3 For playtesting and finding bugs.\
- Some others I might of forgot, sorry.\