Legend of Grimrock

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UPDATE 26 MAY 2020:
Game has Spiders!! Soon, the none spider version will be uploaded.
Freed up Game memory.
Levels has been more polished.
Monsters are more tuned.
Slightly faster load and save game(s).
Game is stable.

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A big fun adventure;

The king seeks brave souls who are willing to retrieve his families royal treasures.
While exploring, the party finds hints of the famous wizard Merlin and a former explorer named Kirin.

Features some new gear, magic, monsters, floors, forest, water and so on.
Has multiple wall sets.
Learn spells.
Smart shortcut when found.
Magical tool who give's info about a level, if found.
Special Super Secret item, when found, inside the secret level to make fast travel possible to find e.g all secrets or places.
The game starts linear but after a while it is non-linear (anfractuous) so a player can go multiple ways as he/she chooses.
As always it starts easy and goes harder later on. This means the puzzles and monsters/bosses.
Your party starts as level 1 but the game has a fast level up system, however feel free to import your party but it will totally ruin the game.
Story and Voice/dialogue for the party.
Crystal: The party has to pay to make use of the Crystal and can pay for magical weapons to recharge when depleted.
It has gear/weapon/skill for each class, if found.
Party can starve if not fed. (die)

105 secrets.
Different endings.
Puzzles/riddles are average. Not hard nor cryptic.