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  1. Ariock7
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    Hi Valandar,

    Is there somewhere the soluce of your mod pls ? So i can go and see when i'm stuck.

    I'm not english so the puzzuls can be more difficult when I have to read some scrolls or....

    For now, Im with the Ratlings, in the mine, and i do not no what to do with "Forest, Fire and Water"...

    Thanks for your mod, it is very beautiful and, it's great to have a marchand !!
    1. EclipseTorch
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      Hi Ariock7,

      Have you found the solution to "Forest, Fire and Water"? I'm stuck there too ((
  2. Vandalar
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    Thank you for your comments !

    I apologize for the errors. I was able to reproduce it and I beleive I fixed it for good. (Actually, the rope wasn't mean to be used, I disabled that feature, so I removed it entirely).

    About the Outcome : Unfortunately, there is only one outcome. Initially, we were heading for three outcomes, but with the lack of time (and a team member became a daddy in the meantime !, we had to create a single one (well... except for the final dialog if you reach the end but that's a minor thing).

    Estimated time : It takes me 8 to 9 hours to complete. I beleive an veteran player will take about 20 hours.

    I uploaded a new version. Hopefully, it should fixe those errors.

  3. Cyndahari
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    it's not a big deal but you posted in the wrong section (Legend of Grimrock instead of Legend of Grimrock 2).
    Anyway, the mod is pretty good for now. I find it to be relatively difficult but also very rewarding and I can't wait to try out the new earth spells. The shops interface and the different interactions with NPCs are well handled and they offer a very nice addition to the game.
    I'm curious about two things though: are there are different outcomes regarding on why your party chose to go to Horizon? And what is the estimated playtime?

    OK, I just got a CTD while trying to reload my last savegame. The log file says it has something to do with rope_1.

    Well, I think I was able to reproduce the bug: in the Palace Gardens, if you try to use a rope to climb down the pit located at ( 4,8 ) you'll get a message telling you that "you can't sleep here! Otherwise the Lord of Nightmares will get a hold of your mind" and the next save after that will be corrupted.

    I got another CTD while trying to reload a save. Here's its log file:

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reproduce the bug this time because all my saves are corrupted and I had to stop playing