Exellion by Adam Dube
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[I uploaded this mod in the wrong section.  The same mod is now available in the Legend of Grimrock 2 section.  I'll leave this mod available for a while, then I'll disable it.  The latest version can be found here : http://www.nexusmods.com/legendofgrimrock2/mods/91?

Welcome to Exellion : Chronicles of the Grim Reaper,
A mod for Legend of Grimrock 2

Developped over two years, heavily tested, this mod feature :
-NPCs, dialogues and choices with quests
-New interface for buying and selling items
-Souls weapon - evolutive weapon that increase in strength the more you use them
-Optional bosses and dungeons
-Unique and Epic final boss (with model and animation - not a reused one with different textures !)

Difficulty : easy for veterans, medium for newcomers
Recommended difficulty : normal

A new party is strongly recommended. If you import a veteran party, they will be stripped of their equipment (but not their experience and skills). Level 1 to 20 (or above)!

You and your companion are send to Horizon - A world between the worlds in the multiverse of Exellion.  Your task is to meet the Grim Reaper himself, death incarnate. Choose your own reason for doing so.