Legend of Grimrock

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A complete dungeon with custom intro and ending, new items, story, combat and puzzles
10 levels total, 7 main levels, 1 pit level, 1 secret level and 1 optional level
Suited to a new to mid level party, gear is provided for any setup you might want to run

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There are many paths to power, strength of arm and command of men; a subtle mind and skilled tongue; the dagger in the darkness; but for those who seek arcane knowledge there is the path of the mind, a life dedicated to study. But what good is such strength if it comes too late? Beneath the College of Shadowmere there is another way, by tradition those who choose this path are acknowledged as masters of the art magic and afforded all rights and privileges accorded to that rank. None can remember the last to set foot in the deep halls; if you seek power arcane then dare you walk The Paths of the Earth?

This Dungeon is suited to a new party or a mid-level import
A mix of puzzles and combat
A story and (optional) lore
A host of new items

There are 7 main levels, an 8th level that just serves as a pit for you to fall into from level 7, a secret level (lvl 9) and an optional Level (lvl 10). A party completing this map will be anywhere between lvl 10 and 13 by the end.

If you find any bugs feel free to post here, on the forums at grimrock.net (find the correct page under finished dungeons) or on the steam workshop page or this mod.

Thanks go to the following for use of their custom assets and/or scripting help:

Neikun: Isgardian and Urgardian, custom torches, crystal pack
Ixnatifual: Tome library
Tursas: Cultist monster
Skuggasvein: Extra Lanterns, Fountains
Phitt: Mine tileset, Cozy Dungeons
Merethif: Custom shields
Germanny: Grim Table, Grim Bed

Grimrock Community for general help, learning a new set of tools is always easier with a little help.