Legend of Grimrock
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Halls of Barrian v1.0.3

Permissions and credits
Halls of Barrian v1.0.3.

Halls of Barrian is an 8 level dungeon (with an additional hidden bonus level). Each level has its own theme

which the monsters and puzzles are based around. Each level also concludes with a scripted boss fight. Instead

of decending down toward the bottom of the dungeon as in the original game, players start at the bottom of the

dungeon and proceed upward in order to escape. Please report any bugs or balance issues.

9. ????
8. The Snail King's Lair
7. Four Corners
6. Fungal Growth
5. Arachnophobia
4. Ogre Den
3. The Library
2. Rage Against the Machine
1. The End

Thanks to Legend of Grimrock modding community members Phitt, Neikun, akroma222 for providing additional assets

that were used in this project.

Thanks to Flohaxn, leewroy, SpiderFighter, Soaponarope, Numberouane, Hustin, shockrock and JohnWordsworth for feedback and finding


Thanks to Almost Human for creating Legend of Grimrock and the editor. This mod is not affiliated with Almost

Human Games.


Fixed bug where the player could kill the cube using the method from the main game. This caused the player to not be able to progress, or in some cases the game to crash.

Made it so the party can't get trapped as easily by the patrol on level 7
Give more hints to one of the puzzles on floor 7 if the player is stuck
Made some changes to the way the altar works on the third boss fight
Added a note with a hint for the third boss fight
Added a small wall text hint for one of the 2nd floor puzzles
Made an additional valid solution for that puzzle
Added some sound cues to the level 3 boss puzzle
Made some changes to the ending credits

Fixed crash when using switch in Snail King's room if the Snail King is already dead
Fixed bug where user could get trapped in one of the secret rooms
Fixed bug where one of the timed puzzled didn't work if it was solved correctly on the first try
Added more visual and dialog cues to the second boss fight
Shut door to the second boss fight when entering the room
Turned one of the secret rooms into an ordinary room

Replaced two secret doors with wooden pull chain doors

Fix issue where death speeches don't work
Fixed floating ogre mage
Removed extra treasure that was used for testing
Give more HP to most fights on the last floor
Added an extra healing crystal to the last floor
Made one of the notes easier to find