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Mod focused on those who play Grim Dawn with a controller. The game is retuned to be challenging but fair with Dark Souls like gameplay and Rogue-like penalties. Required to be played in windowed mode with certain settings to get the proper experience.

Permissions and credits
GRIM TRUCE      Please see how to setup the screen properly below.

This mod now supports 1920 x 1080 and 4k displays (windows 10 only) 

Step 1:
Create a character in custom mode. So you can have it be readily selected.

Step 2:
Exit the game.

***Step 3:
Go to My Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\Settings\Options and change the following parameters:

resolution 1920 1600
screen mode = 1
uiscale = 0.38

resolution 3840 3100
screen mode = 1
uiscale = 0.92

***Consider lowering all graphics settings other than textures to 0 and background fps/corpse persistence to 0. 
The game will play a lot faster and smoother.***

Step 4:
Launch grim dawn and it will load with it's weird window size.  Next, right click a blank area on
the windows task bar and choose "Cascade Windows".  Move the game window all the way up so that
the window title bar is almost completely out of view.  You should be set. Enjoy :3

Current state of the game:

-  ***Added new mod version that only implements the camera and ui to support over the shoulder.  No other
   changes.  Yer welcome 0w0

-  Designed around an x-box controller with steam controller support. Makes use of the half and full L2 and R2
   button presses.

-  Over the shoulder camera view that is controlled by the right analog stick
   (y axis can be inverted in the steam controller settings).
-  Slower attack and cast speeds initially. Enemies are faster and more responsive.

-  Fog in outside environments removed for clear visibility and brighter colors.

-   Increased range for medium range and long range abilities.  Aggro distance has also been increased.

-  Updated skills for 1.1.8. Single target abilities have at least a 50% global damage buff to make using single target
   attacks worthwhile, especially when killing a priority target among other enemies.

-  Death causes the player to drop their corpse and all the experience gained after the last level up.  Retrieving the 
   corpse returns 80% of the experience.  *Note, you will not be able to retrieve your corpse from a rogue-like dungeon.

-  Devotion cap is 70.

-  Tonic of Mending stack in groups of 5 and have a cooldown of 15 seconds.

-  Tonic of Mending costs 10,000 iron per unit from the vendor but also sell for 1,000 iron per 5 stack.

-  Enemy monsters at all ranks are all capable of seriously harming the character and all monsters have larger health pools.

-  Player characters never emote when their abilities are on cooldowns (quality of life).

-  Player starts the game at level 2, 100 experience is given for completing the first quest after character creation.

-  Heal per second abilities have been buffed 50% to make them more relevant. 

-  Players also have baseline 2 health per second recovery.

-  Pets have 20% all damage resistance and increased health to compensate for increased enemy damage.

-  Nemesis relic pet is now a large blue hellhound instead of a manticore (cosmetic change only).

Difficulty Settings:

Normal (lvls 1-60)->  Game is significantly challenging and will require high investment in damage skills to even
progress the main questline.
(Consider veteran only with an optimized character for higher experience gains.  Item drop quantity and quality
  are not significantly better in veteran than in normal.) 

Elite (60-90) ->  Relatively even difficulty throughout.  Use to prepare your character for ultimate, farm gear
in rogue like dungeons/shattered realm with lower chance of dying.

Ultimate (65+) ->  Difficulty spike is immediate and increasing throughout the campaign.  All zones will scale to
the player level even beyond 100.  Challenges well geared characters.

Intended Steam controller config (Steam Library->Grim Dawn->Manage Games->controller set up).  This
is the only way I know also to have a reverse Y-axis for the camera. My set up:

A = skill 1/interact
B = skill 2
X = skill 3
Y = skill 4
RB = skill 8
RT = skill 9 (soft pull) skill 10 (full pull)
R3 = weapon swap
LB = skill 5
LT = sklll 6 (soft pull) skill 7 (full pull)*
L3 = nothing
Dpad Up = health potion
Dpad Right = energy potion
Dpad Left = personal riftgate
Dpad Down = skill bar swap.
Start Button = Map and also Options/Pause if hit again.

These bindings should be shared with the community in steam when you "browse xbox control schemes and select
"other control types."

*Binding 2 abilities can make you more efficient on cooldowns like Slam (half press) Cadence (Full press) will do
Slam whenever off CD and otherwise will do Cadence. Another is Curse of Frialty (soft pull) Pet Attack (Full Pull).
Makes pets always attack your curse of frailty target on cast.
(R3 can be used to access a second page of skills, I use this page for permanent buffs before setting out)

UI Interface:
LT: Allows Item comparison without components attached
R3: Swap hot bars in skill select wheel
L3/D-pad Left: Swap weapons in character screen

[Wishlist for this mod:
   -  Custom changes to Monster Infrequents that specifically fall from boss monsters and
      item color for these changed to purple.

Quickstart to the World of Cairn - Most of this info is useful for starting any version of GD.

Stat points should mostly be put into physique. Occasional points into cunning/spirit to equip an
item/reduce misses.  For mana regen issues, use an ectoplasm component.

For damage skills, +5 into the damage skills you like. As you get more levels and the mana to
support it, raise the skill points from there. Also immediately go +5 into damage skill right after
you hit level 3. You will need the damage especially if doing a full Veteran playthrough.

Push skills that improve OA/DA.  Allows you to crit more and take much less damage when you are hit.

Use the common component that drops to augment any gear (yellow or even gray at the start), the stuff
falls like candy and you won’t regret using it. Especially the Polished Emeralds. 2 rings, helm, and
chest. 4 emeralds equipped is +32 primary stats which is like 3 character levels of power.

Try to keep potions for hard fights and let constitution/skills heal you through normal packs.

Loot filters:
After level 20, I'd restrict loot rare and above with your damage type, DA(you never want to be crit),
and your masteries.  Resists only if you have large holes.
Picking up the gear outside of your parameters isnt really worth it unless its rare and above. Most of
your iron bits come from iron bits you find.

Use the guaranteed available early game rare quality loot:

Francis’s Gun (L1 1H Range) Corpse on a house in early west Lower Crossing.

Hevill’s Great Sword (L1 2H Sword)  Corpse in a house in east Lower Crossing.

Olman’s Axe (L 1 1H Axe) Corpse in a house across from Aetherial Champion Lower Crossing.

Ghavlin’s Crossbow (L8 2H Range, Pierce) Corpse by cages in south east Wightmire .

Slithtongue (L8 Dagger, Poison) Corpse north of the devotion shrime in the Cavern in Wightmire.

Slith Primal Ring (L8 Ring) Quest to collect 3 slith necklaces in north east Wightmire.

Karvor’s Conjuring Bone (L8 Caster OH, All Damage)  Corpse near Jillius, The Decayed in south
Sodden Hollow.

Sister’s Amulet of Life Giving (L10 Amulet)  Quest to Kill Milton in Sodden Hollow.

Isaac’s Spaulders (L12 shoulders)  Quest in Foggy Hill that starts in a cultist hut just south
of Foggy Hills Rift and find the shoulders in west Foggy Bank.

Side with Angrim (better for physical damage/melee builds):
-  Honed Longsword (L15 1H Sword, physical with +2 shadowstrike).
-  Brutal Great Axe (L15 2H Axe, physical with +2 Blade Arc).
-  Rotating Rifle (L15, 2H Range, pierce).
-  Battle Shield (L15, Shield, physical, with +2 Forcewave).

Side with Duncan (better for casters):
-  Adept's Bladed Mace (L15 1H Mace, Elemental Damage, with + 2 Iskandra's Elemental Exchange).
-  Glyphed Archive (L15 Caster OH, Aether damage, with + Panetti's Replicating Missile).
-  Double-Barrel Pistol (L15 1H Range, Fire with +2 to Firestrike).
-  Occult Horn (L15 Caster OH, Vitality/Poison with +2 Dreeg's Evil Eye).    

Bone Talisman (L18 Relic)  Quest, Lie and keep the relic from the Rover’s Quest.

Skinner Family Seal (L20 Phys Damage ring)  Quest in Kymon’s Retreat south of Arkovian Foothills Rift.

Low Level Random Relics and Blueprints -  On the 3rd Level of Steps of Torment (Rogue-Like Dungeon
floor of Anguish), NPC Marris Kas at the north end of the dungeon will sell a random small assortment
of blueprints, good luck.  A similar NPC will be In Bastion of Chaos, Ancient Grove, and Steel Cap
District Base.

Special Thanks to Crate Entertainment for making the best ARPG out right now and making it available
for hacks like me to experiment with their baby.  Enjoy :3