Grim Dawn

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This mod focuses on fewer, but stronger monsters, slower paced combat, and increased loot.

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EXP varies between difficulty, from 2*XP to 3*XP

Dying results in all EXP loss, only a fraction may be reacquired
All Devotion Shrines are battles that reward 2 Devotion points
Faction rates have been increased, including the penalties
Attributes are no longer required to equip gear
Increased quantity of loot

Healing rate is reduced
Reduced attack speed
Higher recast times
Melee and ranged attacks can knock all enemies down

Density is reduced
Are stronger
Have higher summoning recast times
Regain all of their health upon killing a player
Are More likely to be staggered by attacks
Attacks have a chance to stun the player
Chase the player for greater distances
Can be pulled individually if grouped together
Gains +33% HP per player added into multiplayer

Shattered Realm
Increased floor progression rate


Short Clip of Inquisitor Gameplay