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About this mod

A stand-alone campaign that currently offers over 10 hours of new gameplay. Explore more than 20 new environments and figure out their unique mechanics and puzzles.

You can start playing on ULTIMATE difficulty right away with several new mechanics that help you to survive.

Permissions and credits
Nydiamar on the Official Forum. Read everything there instead! Also ask any questions there instead of here.

New Location — Added a Proper Mini-Map — Added a New Choice

New Location — Reworked Locations — Balancing — Updated Visuals

Bug Fixes — Balancing — Quality of Life — New God Events — Nemesis Bounties

New Play-Through — 2 New Mechanics — Changes to Existing Content

3 New Locations — 1 New Quest — Changes and Additions to Existing Content

1 New Location — Changes to Existing Content

1 New Location — Incorporated Diablo 3 Classes by Grimer — Changes to Existing Content

New Mechanic — Gotta Catch 'Em All!

1 New Location — 8+ New Soundtracks — Extensive Rework of Existing Content

1 New Location — 1 New Quest — Changes to Existing Content

1 New Secret Location — Level 100 Play-through — Fixed Monster Totems and added more

1 New Location — Difficulty Merits — A Few Fixes

4 New Locations / 16 New Environments — New Mechanics — New Quests — New Items — New Soundtrack — Plenty of Changes to Existing Content

~ Features of Nydiamar

  • A 12+ hours long campaign! (for a full play-through including Nydiamar Dungeons)
  • Quick to build a character due to higher drop and experience rates
  • Hub(s), where you can buy equipment and test your build on unfortunate training dummies
  • A Detailed World, with currently following locations:

Edge of Eternity & Underground Fortress
Devotion & 6 Devotion Dungeons, with each one having a new mechanic!
Siegmar’s Landing & Challenge
Noitalacse Island
Sedaah Ruins
A Dream
A Nightmare
An Abandoned House
Shady Woods & Fields
Cruesle Canyon
An Outpost
Yamuna Forest
The Hawton Mine
The Lorshade Mine
A Strange Well
Flooded Mountain Woods
Weerhoalt Cemetery
The Tomb
Catacombs of Khueel
Odul Aela’s Dungeon
Nehada Desert & Ancient Ruins
Miniature Nehada Desert
Mystic River
Passage I & II
Duunart Swamp
Snowy Landscape
An Ice Cave
Yeci Island
Depraved Ruins
Where the Time Goes
Above the Waste
And more . . .

  • Working Riftgates with a Custom Map
  • Alternative version that lets you start out on Ultimate with many new features offering you a vastly different and faster experience
  • Acquire Devotion Points by completing 6 different unique Devotion Dungeons, which must be unlocked by finding hidden Devotion Spheres scattered around the world
  • Acquire Faction Reputation by completing Siegmar’s Challenge, a large Rogue-Like Dungeon with randomized encounters and increasing difficulty
  • 9+ Unique Quests with great rewards, as well as simple bounties, for example hunting down Suspicious Scarecrows
  • A new Enemy Type — Chthonic Crystals
  • Capture new creatures (including bosses) to let them fight for you wherever you are — Read about it here
  • Unlock an area that sells every available Legendary Item (High-Level) in the game for a high price
  • Plenty new items to have fun with, for example Beutekugeln that you pop for loot or an unique armor that lets you raise an army
  • New Soundtrack!
  • Diablo 3 Classes, a class mod made by Grimer, is included as a separate download

Here is a quite useful post about the mod — basically a short guide.


Copy Nydiamar and NydiamarDungeons to your 'mods'-folder inside your installation directory.

Important Notes

The expansions 'Ashes of Malmouth' and 'Forgotten Gods' are required!

Multiplayer is not supported for now and won't work at all!

There are minimum requirements to the settings. Make sure you set your settings to at least those in the picture or higher. These are required!

Create a new character. Don’t use characters from other mods - you will mess them up (You could name each character after the mod you plan on using for better readability — e.g. Nydiamar Norbart).
Again, you can not use an existing character (especially not one from before Update 8)!

The mod might be quite performance demanding.

Please leave some feedback or suggestions. Post them here or on the official forum post. Thank you for playing my mod.