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A stand-alone campaign that offers 3+ hours of new gameplay. Two different play-throughs: Start with level 1, 15 or 45 and progress by questing and just playing the game -- or start with level 85 or 100 and consider an endgame build with every available (end game) item.

Permissions and credits
Nydiamar on the official forum. View this post to get a bit more information about the mod or to get to see some more pictures of it.

I recommend to read everything there instead!

Latest update added 7+ new locations, one new enemy type, and reworked all the previous content.



Current Version - Update 7

My mod is still in development. What the next update brings is not decided yet. Leave some feedback after playing so I know what to focus on.


~ Features of Nydiamar

  • At least 3 to 6 hours long!

  • Fast and easy to build a character due to higher drop and experience rates

  • Hub, where you can consider a build, buy equipment, and test your build on training dummies

  • detailed world, with currently following locations:
Edge of Eternity & Underground Fortress

An Abandoned House
Cruesle Canyon
Yamuna Forest
The Hawton Mine (Challenge Dungeon)

The Lorshade Mine
A Strange Well (Challenge Dungeon)
Flooded Mountain Woods
A Graveyard, of course
The Tomb (Challenge Dungeon)
Entrance to the Catacombs
The Catacombs (Main Hall)
Odul Aela's Dungeon (Challenge Dungeon)

Nehade Desert & Ancient Ruins
Transition Part I & II
Snowy Landscape
An Ice Cave (Challenge Dungeon)
Above the Waste

... and some minor ones

  • 2 different play-throughs
Start out with level 85 or 100 and consider an endgame build to beat Nydiamar
All Legendaries
All Epics
All Mats
All Augments are available for sale

Start out with level 1, 15 or 45 and progress by your own through quests and just playing the game
All Faction Merchants are present
You receive different rewards, for example equipment or Devotion points, for leveling up

  • Working riftgates with a custom map

  • Fun items to have fun with

  • 6 unique quests with great rewards, as well as a Lectern of Questing with simple bounties

  • Active development

I recommend you to start out with the level 15 'Head-Start' option on Normal (eventually Veteran).

You can easily switch to the actual campaign of Grim Dawn (and back), and continue playing there, with your character created within Nydiamar. Everything carries over, even the 'over the top' items. You need to restart the game before you change the mod (you need to do this whenever you switch over to either Nydiamar or the main campaign without closing the game beforehand), so the world map loads correctly. Select 'NydiamarMainCampaign' at the main menu to start the Grim Dawn campaign.


~ Extract the folder from the downloaded .7z file to your 'mods'-folder in your installation directory.

Important Notes

~ The expansion 'Ashes of Malmouth' is required!

~ Multiplayer is not supported for now and probably won't work at all!

~ There are minimum requirements to the settings. Make sure you set your settings to at least those in the picture or higher. These are absolutely required!

~ The mod may be occasionally (really) performance demanding.

~ Create a new character (highly recommended) or import one from the main game. Check a look here.

~ You have two choices in the beginning to determine how you want to play. Read up the post on the official forum to get more information.

I really appreciate any feedback, ideas or suggestions I get. Post them here or on the official forum post. Thank you for playing my mod.