Grim Dawn

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Where: Devils crossing faction vendor with friendly reputation
What: A "heros guild call stone" which summons a vendor, which will sell you followers (enchantments)
Special: When you summon your follower, a follower stone will appear in your inventory. Use it to upgrade and talk to your follower.

Permissions and credits
This mod is currently a work in progress, so I consider to wait a little until you start merging it into bigger mods like "dawn of masteries" or others alike.

Current Progress Status v0.4 (ETA: Takes a while as I am currently working in parallel on my thesis - sorry guys :/ ITS NOT DEAD!)
- [x] reworked spawning of "Heros Guild Emissary" (basically he stops spawning randomly)
- [ ] adjusting t4 + t5 of paladin (different armor basically) (80%)
- [ ] added assassin follower for t1 - t5 (33%)

Requires both expansions "Ashes of Malmouth" and "Forgotten Gods" to work properly

Currently there is only one follower available:
- The Paladin: Uses oathkeeper and warrior skills

Planned followers:
- range dd (possibly demolitionist/shaman)
- close combat dd (nightblade/???)
- healer (custom skills and/or adjusted already existing skills)