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Complete FOW clean Map of the World.

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This is a FOW, which you can use with any character on any difficulty.

- So you dont have to clear the map with new characters or on every  new difficulty.

Whats is included:
- Main Game
-  Malmouth
- Forgotten Gods
- to make it look really nice i used teleport console command to clear out unreachable FOW in the main maps to give you a very clean map. OCD friendly i guess.
- i was careful to avoid weird map.fow bugs and glitches.
- actually there are 3 small areas i did not cover: Secret Area in Tomb of Korvaak in Act 4 (Kymons Chosen Quest), Dungeon behind Anastasia (Hostile on Outcast), and easter egg map in Act 7 (didnt want to spoil it).


1. First disable Steam cloudsave and cloudsave within Grim Dawn if you havent already.
2. Find Your savegame folder.
should be something like:
C:\Users\"your user name"\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save\
This may be different if your PC and folder is set up diffrently. Otherwise just search your character name in win search bar, should bring you to your savegame folder.
3. Copy the map.fow inside your \\ in the normal/elite/or ultimate folder.


As always, make a backup before overwriting any files, just in case.