Grid Autosport
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Many tweaks please see description for list

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- description

Grid autosport intended as a bid to the more sim racing kind of
audience unfortunately did not captivate it's intended demographic.
Also the rather lack luster re-implementation of the cockpit view,
after denouncing this view type in grid 2, didn't foster any bon ami.

That said it actually is quite a good racer a bit more restraint
(racing wise) then it's predecessors but still feisty and visually
quite impressive (good balance between cars and environment),
ehhr with exception of the cockpit textures.

What is addressed:

- sweetfx
  tone map reduces the rather heavy darkening
  a 'poor mans form of tessellation' gives the assets (cars, environment, etc)
  a bit of relief and more definition

- tweaks with 3dmigoto:
  reduce windscreen tint
  remove dof
  reduce bloom

- tweaks gamefiles lighting_day.xml, lighting_night.xml
  balance darkness in interior of car with time of day
  reduce blur
  balance auto exposure sky and tracks (was to bright in some cases)
  thin out distance fog horizon
  remove proximity arrows frontend\configs\osdSetup.xml

The game has a very solid handling (cars) and runs quite nicely
on lighter hardware (1050 gtx ti per example).

For the record could not fix the shadows in the rear view car mirror
found a potential shader but could not figure out a working fix.

- install

Since this mod overwrites existing game files please make a backup
of the following files:
all lighting_day.xml, lighting_night.xml (in /tracks/)

Copy the contents of the zip file to the install folder of grid autosport,
the folder which contains GRIDAutosport.exe with exception of these folders:
proximty arrows original (backup just in case)
tracks original          (backup just in case)
tracks ref xml           (refrence files if you want to tweak)

If you do not like using unverified dll's you can download 3dmigoto from
download version 1.3.11 (32bits) and place the following dlls in the install dir of grid autosport
then copy ShaderCache and ShaderFixes from the zip file to the same dir aka folder.

download sweetfx from
copy dxgi.dll (32bits) to the install dir aka folder of grid autosport.
Then copy the sweetfx folder plus SweetFX_preset.txt and SweetFX_settings.txt
to the install dir of grid autosport.

- verify

After running the game and driving on any track (in cockpit view)
the folder ShaderFixes should contain the .bin versions:




This means that the file(s) .txt have been compiled by 3dmigoto (d3d11.dll)

- tested

Tested with version of grid autosport on win 7 / nvidia 1050gtx ti

- performance

sweetfx / 3dmigoto gpu usage [email protected] fps (clamped at 60.7 plus fast sync)
without - clock 1746Mhz gpu usage ~75%
with    - clock 1746Mhz gpu usage ~87%
approximately 12% increase (1050gtx ti on win 7)

- further tweaking

If you like you can compare the modified shader, ShaderCache contains
the original shader, to alter values.