Grid Autosport
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alter camera view in cockpit to roughly 3/4 of steering wheel being visible
remove blur in cockpit view

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- description

Grid autosport intended as a bid to the more sim racing kind of
audience unfortunately did not captivate it's intended demographic.
Also the rather lack luster re-implementation of the cockpit view,
after denouncing this view type in grid 2, didn't foster any bon ami.

That said it actually is quite a good racer a bit more restraint
(racing wise) then it's predecessors but still feisty and visually
quite impressive (good balance between cars and environment).

The adjustments have been made to most of the available cars
however if one is missing you can use a text editor to modify it
your self.

Small note this camera view might be best suited for game pad / keyboard users
as for the steering wheel in most cases roughly half of the steering wheel
is more appropriate.

Special thanks to ryder25 for creating and sharing the Ego file converter

- install

Since this mod overwrites existing game files please make a backup
of all the cameras.xml contained in the folder cars/models/.

Copy the contents of the zip file to the install folder of grid autosport,
the folder which contains GRIDAutosport.exe with exception of these folders:
car cameras original (contains the original files, just in case)

this pacakge does not contain refxml the decrypted version of the original files as reference
You can download Ego file converter and decrypt the original cameras.xml
for comparison to the modified one.

- verify

To test install the supplied cameras.xml in this package run the game cockpit view.
Step 2 revert to the original by either copying back the backup you made of the
cameras.xml or use the cameras.xml supplied in the package (folder: car cameras original)

- tested

Tested with version of grid autosport on win 7 / nvidia 1050gtx ti

- performance

No measurable performance impact registered on gpu or cpu (i5 6600t).

- further tweaking

If you like you can alter the camera views this posting
will help with the parameters to adjust:

Vertical FOV: a larger number will translate into a wider field of view.
(40 being default and 90 max)
X: affects the lateral position. A positive value will move the point of view to the left.
Y: affects the vertical position. A positive value will move the point of view upward.
Z: affects the front/back position. A positive value will move the point of view closer to the dashboard.
Head Tilt Change: affects the vertical angle of the camera. Compared to the position values,
the tilt value works on a different scale: a modification of 1 will yield a barely
noticeable change.A positive value will tilt the camera up.

Location in cameras.xml (per car)
<View ident="head-cam" type="Head" reverseCamera="

Relevant parameters to tweak:
      <Parameter name="fov" type="scalar" value="51.0000" />
      <Parameter name="position" type="vector3" x="0.3130" y="1.0810" z="-0.0370" />
      <Parameter name="tilt" type="scalar" value="-8.3900" />