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There's multiple dialogue bugs in GreedFall, that results in female player being addressed as male, and vice versa, this is a simple method of fixing all the issue.

Permissions and credits
The dialogue files contain many files with Identical names, except for the suffix "_f", which denotes the female version.
Most of these are in the player dialogue folder "Pla_Hero", and the game manages to work out which ones it needs to use.

There are 269 NPC dialogue files that also have this suffix, these do not denote the NPC's gender, the folder name does that.
These are used when the player is being spoken to, and the players gender is referred to in some way.

This is what the games getting wrong, and it will be a matter of the wrong file being called, this is almost certainly caused by errors in some of the many test files, used to control such Things, but I've neither the time nor inclination to look through the thousands of lines of code.

So this mod simply replaces all the files for the other gender, with renamed files for the gender you want.
Whatever file gets called, your gender is the one referred to, because all the files now refer to your gender.

All the female files, have had the suffix "_f" removed, and those replace the male ones, and the original female files still exist.
All the male files, have had the suffix "_f" added, and those replace the female ones, and the original male files still exist.

Simply use the mod for your gender choice, and all the scripting errors should be gone.

Install Extract the Archive to your Game Folder, it already contains the "DataLocal" folder.

Delete the "Voice_Dialog" folder, inside the "DataLocal" folder.

Important Note
This mod, is only designed to eliminate script errors, it will not magically create missing Female versions of files, where none exists.
ood reports, of Quest/Characters/Specific conversation can pinpoint those file errors.

Given the male files are default, I'd only expect scripting errors causing male to be addressed as female.
So the remaining missing file errors, should only affect the female, but keep the reports coming,
Even though I'm sure the mods working exactly as it should, we need to know
what files are missing, before those errors can be fixed.

Editing Audio Files
I can confirm editing the sound files is possible, using the Ego PSSG Editor, (Download, and GitHub Source Code).
Select the BinaryData in Tree View, by expanding the last entry Library > BinaryObject > BinaryData, and Using the Menu Node > ExportData.
The exported Bin file is actually the OGG file format, and should be renamed from NodData.bin, to {Existing Sound File Name}.ogg.
All good audio tools will work with ogg files, I used OcenAudio for my test, as it doesn't do destructive edits, and I'm a total noob at sound editing.
Editing, by splicing in the correct word, and putting the edited files back in the game, does work.
However, making edits that sound right is an entirely different matter.
My crude test confirmed it could be done, it sounded awful, but it was the first speech edit I've ever done.

Currently known missing files
I've made a bug Report on the Focus Home Interactive Forums, of all the file errors discovered so far,
[Bug Report] Extensive report on incorrect use of De Sardet's Gender Pronouns

This is essentially every bug reported so far, on the posts tab, by various users, and my own investigations.
All are bugs that this mod fails to fix, because the required Female file variant is missing,
The mod works exactly as intended, but cant replace these files, because they don't exist in the games content.

All the easy to find uses like "His Excellency", "Lord", are reported, and searching the thousands of generic uses of "He", "Him", "His", …, for the few that actually mean the player, and not all the other characters in the game, is extremely tedious, and I'm done with trying to find these needles in that haystack of text.
Reports have also dried up, so I've passed on the known bugs, and users can now add any new ones to the FHI Forums Bug Report thread above.

It's down to the FHI patching devs to fix these, as I doubt anybodies got the time, and patience to create all the missing files by splicing the files.
Whilst it's possible to add such files to the game, creating them, and more importantly, getting the sound balanced, so the spliced part sounds right, is a process I have no experience in, or desire to learn.

I have serious doubt's that the Spiders devs are even still working on GreedFall, given they have now been bought by a rival publisher, Bigben Interactive.
FHI seem to be the ones in control of patching the game, and as far as I'm aware, the Spiders devs, are neither posting on any Forum, or any other social media site, and all GreedFall support is on FHI pages, with FHI community managers doing "Official" posts.