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Fast Travel at any time during the game by pressing the letter "U"

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I really like GreedFall, but one thing that bothered me was the need to travel to a maps edge or an object with a travel interaction in order to fast travel. So I made this mod. It detects when you hit the letter "u" and brings up the FAST TRAVEL map.
Word of Warning: There are times when the game relies on you not being able to fast travel. For example, when escorting someone to safety or when escaping a compound.   If you are in the middle of an escort mission and you use this mod to Fast Travel, you will likely break the game. So use this ability wisely.
The Fast Travel Button is disabled during the prologue and from the travel camp (mini level that you always go to before reaching your destination). It also wont work if you are in the middle of a fight. These restrictions were added to avoid potential game bugs.

Users of Naut-E Wares: Make sure you have Naut-E Wares version 2.01 or later.