Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

About this mod

This mod attempts to mimic the look n' feel of the original games by bringing back the old atmospheric fog and changing up the colour palettes to give it a more authentic style.

Permissions and credits

Make Los Santos Great Again 
(Vanilla Remix Series)


What's this mod about?
This mod attempts to mimic the feel of the original games by adding fog and changing up the colour palettes to give it a more authentic feel.


  • Stylyzed close & distant fog (PS2 inpired).
  • Atmospheric color grading (Sky color cast & saturation boost).
  • Semi-Dynamic grading profiles (6 presets).
  • Tone-Maping correction (More natural light/shadows).
  • RayTraced Indirect Lighting & Ambient Occlusion.
  • Adaptive glaire & bloom.

  • For better results: Please decrease the contrast and disable the native BloomSSAO, Depth of FieldAntiAliasing options from the game's graphics menu. 
  • Yes It's a bit saturated! As you may know, the PlayStation2 port of the game was way saturated and heavy on post processing (like bloom, glaire and lens flare effects) compared to the original PC version which tends to look more natural, same as XboX 360 Remastered version.
  • Work In Progress: My main objective for the moment is to get the closest results as possible to the original, later on, I will optimise performance with the less amount of filters.
  • Technical limitations: In the original version (2004) Rockstar has made different color grading profiles for different conditions like: Time of day, Weather, Location etc... but since this mod is just about an external injector then it can not be scripted so. As for now I have made various presets to fit different times of day and users have to cycle between them manually (left <- and right -> arrow keys).
  • RTGI: qUINT RayTracing GI filter is not provided within the package due to copyrights but you can download it either from: v0.26 (5$ donation) or v0.23 (for free).

How to install?
  • Download & extract the RAR content inside the game executable directory.
  • Download & extract qUINT_RTGI content inside "Reshade-shaders" folder (Optional step, Very heavy on performance).

How to edit?

  • Tab key: to open Reshade Menu.
  • Caps lock: to toggle the effect on/off.
  • Left & Right: arrows to switch between modes.