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ElderGamer - Main Mod GaroK - Translation

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Mod-Fix is an attempt to make the game more polished without turning the story upside down.

It introduces a lot of fixes, some quality of life improvements, minor graphical improvements and some new content like alchemy.

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Mod-Fix is a vanilla-friendly modification that aims to be more polished version of Gothic I, without changes or additions that are too obtrusive. Something that the original game could have been if Piranha Bytes had more time to polish the game. At its core it's just good ol' Gothic, but with lots of small changes, so that even veterans of the game will be able to find something new and refreshing.
Mod was originally made by ElderGamer, and is very popular choice in russian community as the way to play Gothic.


- Alchemy
- Pickpocket from Gothic II
- Abandoned Mine as tutorial level
- Some of the items received new models and textures (therefore we advise to not install any other texturepacks)
- Some dialogues have been rewritten and redubbed using voice actors
- A lot of bugs fixed
- ... and tons of other, smaller things that we encourage you to find on your own 

Additional Info


We strongly advise against using graphic renderers like DX11, as it will create too much bugs, and will cause overall negative experience.

A lot of players are wiping out the Orc Town as soon as it's possible. In this mod we would like you to hold with that until you get Ulu-Mulu and visit the town in peace.

Bench in the starting area is very comfy :)


ZakonKrwii, Milo, Masty, D36 - technical help
m4djoker, Pangur, Macrophage - testers
Sargon - Easy Gothic Mod Translator (later had to manually paste all the scripts, still helped a lot)
Kit Harrison, eshenry, Kovich Crow, MichelangeloVA, WanderingVoiceActor, vinny, ChrisWLVRN, Superrollo, koczkodany, Complete the Circuit - Voice Actors