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Tweaked INI file and UE4SS script for improving graphics quality beyond the in-game settings, greatly reducing LOD & light pop-in!

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Mod to increase graphics quality beyond what the in-game settings allows, greatly reducing LOD & light pop-in, and letting you see objects from much further away.

This mod includes two parts (both are optional, you can just install 1 of them if you like):

  • First part is a tweaked UE4 Engine.ini file that edits some of the UE4 settings to improve the LODs of small objects (street props, trees, etc) & the distance of light fall-off, and fixes animation update rate (no more 30fps animations!)

  • Second part is a UE4SS script that tweaks the custom Ghostwire properties for buildings & street stalls, to make them fully load themselves (lights and small props like mailboxes and such) from further away (also skips the Notices screen on startup, because why not)

All the things tweaked here have been tested with the UE4 dev console to make sure they have an effect - the INI also includes comments that describe each change too 😸

These tweaks will likely have a performance hit, but it shouldn't be too major - if you can already run the game comfortably at full framerate it's worth giving a try, but if you already have perf issues in the vanilla game I wouldn't really recommend using this.

# Installation
If you want to use the UE4SS script to improve buildings (recommended!), you'll need to setup the UE4SS from my other Camera Rotation Fix mod first (also very recommended!)

Or if you just want to use the Engine.ini tweaks then no other mods are required.

## Engine.ini setup
To setup the Engine.ini simply extract it from the ZIP file into the following folder, replacing any existing file (change [Username] to your Windows username)
C:\Users\[Username]\Saved Games\TangoGameworks\GhostWire Tokyo (Xbox)\Saved\Config\WinGDK\

For the Steam version the path should be
C:\Users\[Username]\Saved Games\TangoGameworks\GhostWire Tokyo\Saved\Config\Win64\

With the INI in place it should take effect next time you start the game, feel free to open the INI and tweak it further if you like, descriptions for each tweaked setting are included inside.

## UE4SS setup

E: the UE4SS script here might be unstable atm, will look into remaking it shortly, for now I'd advise only using the Engine.ini file (the Camera Rotation Fix mod is safe to use though)

After setting up UE4SS from the Camera Rotation Fix mod, you should have a Mods folder next to your games GWT.exe file.

Simply extract the contents of the Mods folder from this ZIP into that Mods folder, making sure to replace the existing mods.txt file. (mods.txt is used to tell UE4SS which scripts to load, make sure to use the txt from this ZIP!)

If it's extracted properly, next to GWT.exe you should have a Mods folder, and then inside that folder should be a GhostwireLodMod folder.

After that it should take effect next time you run the game, the script does include a few settings you can configure (simply open the main.lua file in a text editor), but the defaults in there should already be a good improvement.

# Extra Tweaks
Game has a lot of extra cvars and such that can be tweaked, I'll try adding any interesting ones to this section.
To set these up just edit the Engine.ini file included in this mod, and inside the [SystemSettings] section add the line given.

## Rain Disable
Should disable the random chance of rain from happening, rain will still happen if it's scripted (eg. as part of Hyakki Yako events), but the random rain as you wonder about should stop.

(the rain in this game always makes it feel like framerate is being lowered IMO, I used to think it was just because my GPU was bad and the transparent rain was having a big hit, but it even happens on the latest 40 series - maybe it's not actually lowering framerate, but the rain effect animation is just a low-framerate anim, hmm...)

# Thanks:
Many thanks to the UE4SS developers for making such a useful dev tool!

# Other mods:
Check out my DLSSTweaks mod too, should work perfect on this game, can let you enable DLAA anti-aliasing or customize the DLSS ratio to get a little more quality from it.