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This mod spawns more HammerBurst Drones from emergence holes and air drops for a more immersive tactical gameplay .

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EDIT: I made a better version of this mod called "Ukkon's Wrath" please check that out first.

This mod replaces all default empty spawn slots in emergence hole and air drops with HammerBurst Drones, I found this to be way more fun as adding more wretches makes no difference to the game since 1 frag still takes them all out but more HammerBurst Drones will spread out to try and flank / overwatch your position, taking advantage of the great AI in this game. This mod will make your game much more fun, fills the difficulty gap and improves tactical gameplay. You also get more xp per mission (due to more enemy kills) so you will level up your gears faster with this mod to keep the game balanced.

Install Instructions:

Unzip to Game Directory: GearGames\Content\Gameplay\Tables\CSV\Encounter

You do not need to start a new campaign for this mod, it works with your current save file. This mod is standalone, it does not require any other mod to work.