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Similar to the other Loot Box Enhanced mod, but now featuring Supreme drops!

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This mod applies the same enhanced drops as LOOT BOX ENHANCED by leeyuan03 but it now features the addition of Supreme drops! The main motivation for this addition was that leeyuan03's mod disables the possibility of Supreme drops due to the new Jack mode being added after his mod was last updated. I didn't want to miss out, nor did I want to make the game far too easy by making them drop too early/often, so this should be a nice compromise.

Supreme drops start showing up as possible mission rewards after Act 2 Chapter 4 and become the default mission reward for all missions in Act 3. Loot boxes were also adjusted in a similar fashion so that they have a possibility of showing up but they should still be relatively rare.

Install by unzipping to GearsTactics\GearGame\Content\Gameplay\Tables\CSV

v1.01 - Optional alternative to the main file which makes ALL mission rewards Supremes.


Thanks to eneajade for finding the source of the issue for missing Supreme loot, I have updated both versions of the mod to have proper quotations around the loot tables (the correct format) so the loot tables should now work properly for both versions.

Let me know if you have any issues, and if you found this useful, please endorse!