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What's the point of still getting common loot boxes from mission rewards when you're getting rare/epic/legendary loot boxes from the field? Enhances loot to replace all common and uncommon loot boxes with rare and up boxes.

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patch notes: v2.1:

- Attempt to fix issue where common boxes are still spawning for optional objectives in the first chapter, this may still happen but it shouldn't happen too often and should switch to rare and up boxes.


What's the point of getting those garbage low end boxes from mission / optional objective when you're already getting rare / epic / legendary from the field with Loot Box Upgrade BETA v1.0.1 ??? 

This mod completely removes low end common and uncommon loot boxes from the game and replaces them with rare and up boxes. Scaled to difficulty and reward increases with progression. Now you have a purpose to go for the mission objectives instead of ignoring them knowing you'll get a useless common box for all that effort. 

This mod should be used in combination with my other mods "Ukkon's Wrath" and "Increase Frag Distance slightly" for maximum enjoyment.

Install Instructions:

Unzip to Game Directory: GearGames\Content\Gameplay\Tables\CSV\

You do not need to start a new campaign for this mod, it works with your current save file. This mod is standalone, it does not require Loot Box Upgrade BETA v1.0.1 or any other mod to work.

If you enjoy my mods, please throw me an endorsement, thanks =)