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Excel sheet allowing the selection of stats for weapon mods and armor, then imported into the game.

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This Excel file allows you to change the stats on every piece of weapon mod and armor in the game. Pistol and grenades are not included for now.

However, only numeric values can be changed, not special abilities.

For example, the first stock for the Support class is named Hollow Stock and has the Light Build ability by default, which can't be changed. But you can choose to add other stats as desired such as damage bonus, accuracy, crit chance, crit multiplier, mag size and/or movement.

WARNING: Beta version. Please help me testing it.

How to use:

Each stat has four tiers in the game by default (common to legendary), and I decided to also predefine three power levels for each stat, for the customization.

For example, if you decide to add a damage stat to your stock and set this as minor, you'll get a small amout of damage per tier, in this case ranging from +15 (common) to +50 (legendary). If you choose major damage tough, then the damage bonus will scale from +35 to +100. You can also choose a penalty to that stat, balancing other powerful stats maybe.

The stat scaling is listed in the "Values" tab for advanced users, if you want to define your own scaling.

When you download the Excel file it already comes with my preferred customization, which I believe makes the items a little more balanced than the original.

To-do list:

- Add pistol and grenades customization.
- Find out more items not yet found in the game (at least by me). Let me know if you find other items!


1) Make a backup of the game file "...\Gears Tactics\GearGame\Content\Gameplay\Tables\CSV\WeaponModsAndArmour\WeaponModsAndArmour.csv".
2) Download my Excel file, then open it in the "Editor" tab.
3) Select the desired stats for the desired weapon mods or armor (my default values already set).
4) Go to the "CSV" tab and copy (Ctrl-C) the whole text content from it.
5) Open the existing "WeaponModsAndArmour.csv" game file in your computer using Notepad (or other plain text editor).
6) Select everything and paste (Ctrl-V) the contents previously copied, overwriting the whole .csv game file, then save it and open the game.

* No need to create a new game. Should work on any save.