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A complete overhaul of Gears of War 2's gameplay to bring it closer to GoW1 and GoW3.

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For Clarification: Yes, you need an emulator to play GoW 2 on PC. Works with JTAG also.
Check out my Unleashed mods for the other Gears games on my moddb page or here on the nexus.

No more clunky movement, no useless shotguns, no stopping power AND MORE.
Gears of War 2 plays like a true classic now!

UPDATED 1.1: SUPERIOR Bot AI over 1.0 release, Graphical changes ACTUALLY implemented due to typos being fixed, even more weapon balancing.
1.2 (Separate Download): Removed Motion blur, Depth of Field. Friendly health in Campaign moderately increased. Movement speed slightly reduced but still faster than Gears 2 vanilla. Slight bot ai tweaks all around but especially to bot snipers making them a bit less accurate but faster on pulling trigger.


  • Campaign difficulty [damage/health scaling] reworked for consistent challenge with less spikes. Friendlies and enemies go down more often
  • instead of dying which emphasizes revives for both sides
  • Bots in SP & MP [react faster/more accurate/revive faster]. They also beast with power weapons, shoot from further away and aren't
  • scared of using shotguns
  • +20% movement speed to make the game faster paced and less "Gears of Fat A**"
  • Removed stopping power to encourage rushdowns
  • Shotguns are stronger, faster and more accurate thus a worthy rival to the vicious Lancer
  • Lancer nerfs, Hammerburst buffs, Boomers/Torques receive ammo from ammo boxes and more
  • Draw distance, shadows and blood (minorly) increased
  • Motion Blur, Depth of Field removed
  • Skips all startup logos for quick main menu access
  • Matches start in 5 seconds
Drag and drop the mod files into your gears of war 2 folder and replace files. done
- if you have an ISO then google search a xbox 360 iso extractor, extract the iso and then install the mod files. done.
Playing GoW 2 on PC with the Xenia app is easy. Unfortunately, you'll need to research it for yourself, start with youtube.
I don't condone piracy in any form but this mod doesn't care anyway, also mod may only work with english version of game