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BLITZBALL! Spira Tournament focuses on the minigame: Blitzball!
Not just a lot of balancing has been done, every team gets new players
and you'll face a minigame with more fun to play.

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(BLITZBALL - Spira Tournament)

I know that a lot of you guys don't like Blitzball at all,
especially because you're facing unfaire and overpowered enemies in the main story.

This mod focuses on my favourite mini game, changing a lot:
- a lot of balancing has been done; it's less frustrating and your start team has some nice abilites.
- all known teams have new players in their teams, following different strategies
- A.I. improved
- playing the tournament helps you gaining new abilities as prizes.
- you have a lot of gil in your inventory to buy the players you want ( as long as they're free)
- start level for all players is LV 25 

Time has passed.
Known teams of Spira following new strategies to win the Spira Tournament.
You can find information of every team down below. 

Besaid Aurochs:

The Besaid Aurochs are a blitzball team in Final Fantasy X that represent the island of Besaid.
They are considered the worst team in Spira, and are mostly concerned
with doing their best as opposed to winning.

  • Wakka
  • Datto
  • Letty
  • Jassu
  • Botta
  • Keepa

【Special Ability】
Aurochs Spirit:
SH+10. The SH of original Aurochs is totaled for SH Bonus.
If Datto, Botta, Letty, Jassu and/or Keepa are on the team,
their SH figures are totaled and used for the SH bonus.
If the goalkeeper touches the ball, 30% of inflicting Sleep.

Luca Goers:

The Luca Goers are a blitzball team from Final Fantasy X.
They represent Luca, the second biggest city in Spira and home to the only blitzball stadium.
Thus, the Goers are the most widely beloved team in Spira, and are also often considered the best,
having won several tournaments, even earning the bias of the commentators, Bobba and Jimma.
They are most notable and for being the only team with female players only.

  • Vilucha
  • Linna
  • Mifurey
  • Kulukan
  • Irga Ronso
  • Miyu

【Special Ability】
Female Power:
The best female players in spira, best at their positions.

Kilika Beasts:

The Kilika Beasts are a blitzball team representing the island of Kilika.
The team is perhaps most notable for being the team high summoner Ohalland,
a native Kilikan, played for before becoming a summoner.
The players are known for their high speed, out classing everyone else.

  • Nedus
  • Brother
  • Tatts
  • Nav Guado
  • Naida
  • Nimrook

【Special Ability】
Players of this team are extremly fast.

Al-Bhed Psyches:

The Al-Bhed Psyches are a blitzball team representing the star players
of spira, not just having the best scaling stats, they're
also using dangerous abilites.

The players are known for their high stats, unique abilites.

  • Larbeight
  • Shaami
  • Tidus
  • Ropp
  • Deim
  • Nizarut

【Special Ability】
Star Player of the Zanarkand Abes:
You're facing Tidus!

Guado Glories:

The Guado Glories are a blitzball team representing new players of spira
Instead of just using Guado for their team, they're giving their hand in 
those exotic players.

  • Rin
  • Kyou
  • Durren
  • Pah Guado
  • Biggs
  • Wedge

【Special Ability】
Go Go Glories:
All Players gain 2x EXP.

Ronso Fangs:

The Ronso Fangs are a blitzball team representing the Ronso race.
The most marked difference between Ronso and other teams is their SP (movement speed);
while the great majority of players have 60 SP,
Ronso players all begin with 40 SP and this stat never rises above 43.

(Ronso Fangs have their default players)

【Special Ability】
Ronso Tribe:
Players have the best defensive abilites and auto regen.

These little DLCs will allow you to play as other teams,
thanks to my new save game files! 

For more information just look down below.

【Luca Goers DLC】

In this version you're able to play as the traditional Luca Goers Team.
(instead of the Besaid Aurochs)

The Ronso Fangs got replaced by the Besaid Aurochs.

To install this mod, simply download the save file and
put it in your save folder.

(It will overwrite Slot 13 so pls keep that in mind!)

Thank you to everyone who tries out my mod! 
Pls share your screen shots! I'd love to see that!
More content will come soon.