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Have you ever dreamed of playing Seymour with his Guado Guardian and Anima?
With this mod it's possible from the start of chapter 1!
Start Equipment included

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You have Seymour & his Guado Guardian in your party from the start of the game.
Under the menu point "Party Members" you also can find the promised Anima.
(you can also forget skills & learn new one via monster command menu!)

Notice that Anima is a Medium Size Monster, but should be used in a party alone.

More information about every character down below!

Seymour Guado:

Your favourite character is now playable from the start, means that he starts Lv. 2.
As you level up and get experience in battle, you'll be able to learn new abilites!

The abilities Seymour can naturally learn are DemiBlack Sky, and Meteor,
though he can also use FlareHero Drinks, and Requiem.

Like all monster allies, Seymour can use any of the common dresspheres (for raising stats and
using new skills and abilites!)

(If you're new to the monster leveling system in Final Fantasy X-2, please read a tutorial!)

Guado Guardian:

"The Guards will first cast Protect on themselves while Seymour will cast Shell. The Guards will cover Seymour and heal themselves with Hi-Potion when damaged; ..." 

This strategy was legendary! Now you're able to enjoy them on your side!

Guado Guardian has some nice auto abilities and can cast spells like berserk & confus.

(be aware that his picture can disappear in menu, which is pretty normal for modded characters)


Anima is an aeon from the Final Fantasy X . Her signature attack is Oblivion. She represents darkness and death, although Dark is not an element.

You can change her in, if you feel that you need help vs a boss or harder enemy.

Anima has her signature attacks, as well as some Aeon exclusiv auto abilities.

(since she is modded in, her picture can disappear! In fights some weird camera angles may happen)

To install this mod you need to download the save file.
(it will overwrite Slot 9, save your own file if needed!)

Launch FFX2 and load it, that's all!


If you want to command everyone manually , you need
to follow these 2 little steps:

1.) Download & save the Farplane Editor,
launch your FFX2, load your save game,
and then the Farplane Editor
and connect with it.

2.) Under "Debug Options" 

check "Control allied monsters", so you have full control!

3.) Have fun!


 2019-03-24, created thread