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  1. TehMighty
    • supporter
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    Just posted a new Update! 

    Install this mod last, like always and you should be good.

    I made a Demo video explaining the new features, if you'd like to have a look at that as well! :)
  2. RohanOrnitier
    • member
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    Okay everyone I got incredibly frustrated but after a couple of hours of installing and searching through other peoples experience/looking at TehMighty's instructions I think I can make this a bit easier to comprehend. Please know I would not have felt the need to type this up if there was a video or comprehensive instructions on how to get this to work. Me sharing my experience is only meant to help others use this dope mod. 

    I'm on Win10 using Steam ver. so use this with that information relative to what you got. 

    If you're using MoguriMod:

    DOWNLOAD MOGURI MOD FIRST. Make sure you unpack that .zip and use the .exe inside to install the mod once you have FF9 installed locally. Once it is complete, I'd advise running FF9 and making sure that the Moguri mod options box appears. If it does, you can press "exit" and download the Scaled Battle UI mod.

    Take the unzipped file and MOVE it to the FF9 root folder relative to YOUR file pathing! (It will look like WhateverDriveLetter:\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY IX<----drop it here)

    Unzip the file, delete the zip, and open the extracted file. You'll find a .exe named Memoria.Patcher. Run this and a command line box should appear. You'll likely see one of two results:

    1. The .exe running and a progress bar showing that it is doing its thing and then it saying it completed running the code.

    2. A pathing error will appear. When this happens I'd advise uninstalling Moguri Mod and FF9 completely, restarting your PC, and trying again from the beginning. Pathing errors can happen when you are using multiple drives in my experience. Note: You'll have to uninstall MoguriMod from your Applications list manually to fully be rid of it AND delete the FINAL FANTASY IX folder for it to be a fresh start. 

    Once its done, go back to the FINAL FANTASY IX folder and CHANGE THE NAME OF THE SCALED BATTLE UI FOLDER TO "ScaledBattleUI". For those of you who want confirmation of why this needs to be changed, go look inside the "Memoria.ini" file that gets added in once you install everything and READ that it says you have to rename folders for the Mod Manager to see correctly. Once you do this, you can go into the Installed Mods area once you launch ff9 and see that the Scaled Battle UI is checked and is ready to have its attributes changed.

    Once in game, you can change the position of the boxes IN BATTLE by pressing "U", using your mouse cursor to select the box you want to move on the top left corner, and use your d-pad/keyboard arrows to do what you need to. 

    If you're not using MoguriMod:

    Just follow the steps after the Moguri part without the Moguri part. Should work just the same. 

    I'm not responsible if it doesn't work right. I'm sharing what I did to make it work right. Your results may vary.

    TehMighty, thank you for making this I absolutely adore this mod. I hope me sharing this didn't insult your efforts. 
  3. steffanbr
    • supporter
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    The game crashes after a fight
  4. JayFaraday
    • member
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    It's forcing the game to 16:9 and PSX fonts, also won't work with a more updated memoria
  5. frodo120
    • member
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    Using this mod and now I for some reason can't buy items at shops? no idea what I've done wrong.
    • member
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    Anyone know how to install this thing correctly? I can't get it to work with memoria and moguri. I have it as the top priority mod like the instructions said, but it doesn't actually do anything. What am I missing here?

    EDIT: Reinstalling fixed it
  7. gaki
    • premium
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    How do i get the nice smooth looking font back- i have it selected in Moguri but after installing this (last) the fonts are a pixelized mess (I realize some like this, i do not)

    EDIT: disregard figured out how to fix it
    go into the ScaledBattleUI folder inside your FF9 install folder, edit the Memoria.ini file with notepad and under [Font] Enabled =1 change the 1 to 0 save it and boom goes teh dynamite crappy font gone.
  8. boriss283
    • member
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    I had Muguri mode for FF9 and I tried to instal this Battle UI mode after, and it seems like it turn off some functions. I can't turn off Widescreen option and Skip intros doesn't work too. What may be the problem and how to Fix it? 

    Edit: Installed incorrectly. All works fine. Thank you. 
  9. hishin
    • premium
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    Can this be made compatible with the latest version of Memoria?
  10. Khaos13
    • member
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    Heeey, it finaly scales with resolutions!
    Took me a moment to figure out how to re-position the panels after pressing "U", but now it works like a charm.
    Thanks a bunch!
    The game looks realy gross at low resolutions, because of the overly-raw pixel-edges. 2160p DLDSR with a dash of driver-SSAA looks just awesome though!
  11. alrobot
    • member
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    Ragtime Mouse's questions are completely illegible as their text box is cut off the top of the screen. The text box that reads: " O: True, X: False" appears just fine though, as do the friendly monsters' text boxes.
    1. IVIic
      • member
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      It's an issue due to the scaling. I don't know the mod-side fix to this but I noticed it as soon as you fight Black Waltz #1. The "Come to me beast" and "Go Sealion!" texts are cut off at the top of the screen.

      The user side fix for me was to change the scaling up to 0.85 at the very minimum or 0.9 or very unfortunately just set the scaling at 1 and deal with the combat UI being sadly enlarged.

      Changing the scaling up towards 1 will also require you to move your left and right battleUI positions inward and upward slighty (towards center of screen) so that they are not off the screen either.