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These are mods for those who enjoy new / hard challenges.

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Latest Update on mods release:  2/11/2022

New versions are released for both Difficulty and Colosseum Hardcore. If you are new to this mod, kindly skip this section.

Difficulty Hardcore
- Fewer elite security officers to fight in early chapters.
- Adjust enemy variations in almost all of the chapters. The goal is to reduce the number of times players have to change materia / gears for each battle while maintaining the same difficulty.
Colosseum / VR Hardcore
Further adjust some of the battle rounds. Please see the updated list below (highlighted in bold). Hopefully with these new changes, it will be more challenging for some battles while at the same time require less materia / gears selection headache ;). In general,
- If it is a solo character vs enemies battle, enemies should be weak to at most 2 elemental types.
- If it is a two or three characters vs enemies battle, enemies should be weak to 2 - 3 elemental types.

Also note that with the release of custom difficulty mods (Custom Difficulty Gameplay Settings), I have decided to retire any other versions of Hardcore mods uploaded previously, i.e (Hardcore Ultimate, Hardcore 1.4x Attack only etc etc). Moving forward, there will be only vanilla version of Difficulty Hardcore, and Colosseum and VR Hardcore mods. If you want to further challenge yourself, feel free to install a mod from custom difficulty mods that suits your gameplay need.


Many thanks and credit goes to the following:

1) UGoBoom10 - for his time and effort to test some of the hard battles in the mods, to prove that these battles are possible / do-able without the help of any other mods, providing valuable inputs and feedback to further improve the mod, as well as sharing a cool video of his battle vs Ramuh as solo Cloud.
2) tanzendesfrettchen - for helping out to prove that the new Weiss challenge is indeed possible and sharing the video of the battle.
3) TheJillSandwich - for the video on the playthrough

You should only attempt this mod if you:
- enjoy challenges
- know to defend / dodge when needed and not just blindly charge into enemies. Knowing when to attack and defend is very very important!
It is also recommended that you have at least completed the game (both the base game and Yuffie DLC) as well as all the Colosseum and VR
battles. You should also have general understanding of each of the enemy's attack pattern as well as each of the party character's strength and their abilities.
Two mods are mentioned here, and both are standalone mods:

Difficulty gameplay - Hardcore
- More enemy variation in a battle, i.e instead of fighting 4 rats, you will fight 1 rat, 1 hound, 1 gorger, 1 drake.

- You will frequently fight the stronger version of an enemy, i.e instead of fighting a rat, you will fight doom rat more often. So given the example above, you would potentially fight 1 Doomrat, 1 Blood Hound,1 Ringmaw, 1 Cerulean Drake. You will still encounter the lesser type of the enemies in the early chapters though just as a warm up and also to assess them (so that you could complete Chadley's assess intel battle report and your enemy intel collection). You will not find them as you progress in later chapters. That being said, once you are in the middle chapters of the game onward, you will often encounter the likes of Wrath Hound, Hellhound, Bombs and some other strong enemies but they are carefully selected and paired with other enemies so that you have a chance to win the battle. Like it is practically impossible to win against 10 Wrath Hounds for example.

- The enemies are also paired such that it is consistent with the maps, i.e if you are in collapsed expressway, you will encounter combination of monsters, mechs, bandits. If you are in Shinra building, you will fight combination of Shinra soldiers.

- Fancy to fight enemies that are only available in Yuffie DLC with your favorite trio? Yes, the likes of Deathwheel, Levrikon, Horned Cripshay and other enemies exclusive to Yuffie DLC can now be fought in some of the chapters as regular enemies!

- I have also added some other strong enemies in some of the chapters. You may be surprised when you see them. ;)
Some additional features:
- If you start a fresh game, you now have 20 potions, and 10 ethers in the inventory. For Yuffie DLC, you with start with 20 high potions.
This mod will also test how you handle strong enemies especially when you fight them in a tight/narrow battle area.
If you are playing this mod, I highly recommend that you start a fresh game so that you can go through all the new battles.
Colosseum and VR battles – Hardcore
Just like difficulty hardcore, there will be more enemy variation and will be much harder to win. Some rounds include enemies from Yuffic DLC.

Note: Those highlighed in bold are changes that were made recently compared to previous uploaded version.


Cloud/Tifa/Barret/Aerith vs. Wild Animals
Round 1 – 1 Doom rat + 1 Toxirat (Yuffie DLC)
Round 2 – 1 Bloodhound + 1 Ringmaw + 1 Hedgehog Pie
Round 3 – 1 Blugu + 1 Wayward Wolf (Yuffie DLC)
Round 4 – 1 Grashtrike + 1 Queen Grashtrike
Round 5 – 1 Cerulean Drake
Two-Person Team vs. Slum Outlaws
Round 1 – 1 Grungy Bandit + 1 Bandit + 1 Corneo Lackey
Round 2 – 1 The Huntsman + 1 Elite Riot Trooper + 1 Riot Trooper
Round 3 – 1 Elite Grenadier + 1 Enhanced Shock Trooper + 1 Enhanced Magitrooper (Yuffie DLC) Was (1 Deepground Soldier (Yuffie DLC) )
Round 4 – 1 Blast Ray + 1 Grenadier + 1 3-C SOLDIER Operator
Round 5 – 1 The Huntsman + 1 Beastmaster + 1 Elite Security Officer + 1 Sweeper + 1 Deepground Soldier (Yuffie DLC)

Cloud/Tifa/Barret/Aerith vs. Shinra Thugs
Round 1 – 1 Elite Security Officer + 1 Elite Grenadier+ 1 Elite Riot Trooper + Shock Trooper
Round 2 – 2 Flametroopers (No change)
Round 3 – 1 Elite Shock Trooper + 1 Sentry Launcher + 1 Laser Cannon
Round 4 – 1 Flametrooper + 1 Deepground Soldier (Yuffie DLC) + 1 Slug-Ray
Round 5 – 1 Sweeper Prototype + 1 Sentry Launcher
Three-Person Team vs. Shinra Warriors
Round 1 – 1 Elite Shock Trooper + 1 Sweeper Prototype + 1 Grungy Bandit
Round 2 – 1 Helitrooper + 1 3-C SOLDIER Operator + 1 Ghost
Round 3 – 1 Sahagin + 1 Flametrooper + 1 Enhanced Shock Trooper
Round 4 – 1 Enhanced Magitrooper (Yuffie DLC) + 1 Deepground Soldier + 1 Blast Ray + 1 Sentry Launcher
Round 5 –1 Levrikon (Yuffie DLC) + 1 Deathwheel (Yuffie DLC) + 1 Horned Cripshay (Yuffie DLC)
Two-Person Team vs. Team Payback
Round 1 – 1 Grashtrike Queen + 1 Mark || Monodrive + 1 Doomrat
Round 2 – 1 Wrath hound + 1 BloodHound + 1 Wayward Wolf (Yuffie DLC)
Round 3 – 1 Chromogger + 1 Smogger

Round 4 – 1 Cerulean Drake  + 1 Bomb
Round 5 –1 Cutter + 1 Deathwheel

VR Battles
Three-Person Team vs. Mayor Is Best
Round 1 – Ramuh. You get the summon materia if you defeat him for the very first time.
Cloud/Tifa/Barret/Aerith vs. SOLDIER Trainees
Round 1 – 1 Levrikon (Yuffie DLC) + 1 Varghidpolis + 1 Gorger
Round 2 – 1 Phantom + 1 Elite Riot Trooper + 1 Cripshay
Round 3 – 1 Grungy Bandit + 1 Elite Grenadier + 1 Sahagin
Round 4 – 1 Horned Cripshay (Yuffie DLC) + Wayward Wolf (Yuffie DLC) + Enhanced Magitrooper (Yuffie DLC)
Round 5 – 1 Deathwheel (Yuffie DLC) + 1 Gashtrike + 1 Scissorclaw

Two-Person Team vs. High Flyers
Round 1 – 4 Monodrive + 4 Slug-ray + 4 Shock-ray + 4 Bugaboo Bee
Round 2 – 2 Lesser Drake + 2 Terpsicolt
Round 3 – 2 Byobapolis + 2 Mark II Monodrive + 2 Blugu
Round 4 – 2 Elite Helitrooper
Round 5 – 1 Rust Drake + 1 Cerulean Drake + 1 Lesser Drake
Three-Person Team vs. Team Ragbag
Round 1 – 1 Mischievous Shoat + 1 Abzu Shoat + 1 3-C Soldier Operator
Round 2 –  1 Trypapolis + 1 Sahagin Prince + 1 Ghost
Round 3 – 1 Armored Shock Trooper + 1 Smogger+ 1 Armored Magitrooper (Yuffie DLC)

Round 4 – 1 Jury-Rigged Cutter + 1 Sweeper Prototype + 1 Chromogger
Round 5  2 Blast Ray + 1 M.O.T.H Unit
Cloud/Tifa/Barret/Aerith vs. 3-C SOLDIER Candidates
Round 1 – 1 Zenene + 1 Armored Shock Trooper
Round 2 – 1 Sweeper + 1 Sweeper Prototype 

Round 3 – 1 Sledgeworm
Round 4 – 1 Ifrit + 1 Ringmaw
Round 5 – 1 M.O.T.H. Unit + 2 Shock-ray

Two-Person Team vs. Dynamic Duos
Round 1 – Ramuh
Round 2 – 1 Venomantis+ 1 Bomb
Round 3 – 1 M.O.T.H. Unit + 1 Mark II Monodrive
Round 4 – 1 Jury-Rigged Cutter + 1 Cutter
Round 5 – 1 Hell Hound + 1 Zenene (No change)

Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend
Round 1 – 1 Bomb + 1 Wrath Hound + 1 Queen Grashtrike
Round 2 – 1 Tonberry + 1 Sahagin Prince + 1 Zenene
Round 3 – 1 Type-0 Behemoth + 1 Doom rat + 1 Horned Cripshay
Round 4 – 1 Hell Hound + 1 Levrikon + 1 Ifrit
Round 5 – 1 Malboro + 1 Venomantis + 1 Deathwheel
Three-Person Team vs. Top Secrets
Round 1 to 5 - No Change
Round 5 – Pride and Joy Prototype + Pride and Joy Mk 0.5 (Yuffie DLC)
Three-Person Team vs. The Immaculate One
Weiss (No change)

Yuffie DLC:
Yuffie & Sonon vs. Shinra's Dark Secrets
Round 1 – Elite Security Officer + Deepground Solider + Elite Grenadier + Elite Riot Trooper + Flametrooper + 3-C SOLDIER Operator + Elite Shock Trooper
Round 2 – Elite Helitrooper + Deathwheel + Blast ray
Round 3 – Armored Shock Trooper + Armored Magitrooper + Jury-Rigged Cutter

Yuffie & Sonon vs. Midgarian Monsters
Round 1 – 3x Varghidpolis + 2x Hedgehog Pie + Bomb + 3x Grashtrike + Wayward Wolf + 2x Cripshay + 2x Toxirat + Ringmaw + Terpsicolt
Round 2 and 3 – No change for now

Yuffie & Sonon vs. Top Secrets
- No change for all rounds
Note: If you wish to fight Weiss, you can do so by downloading 'Colosseum and VR Hardcore Yuffie Weiss Top Secrets - Gil discount' in optional file section. You will fight him in Top Secrets and have only 1 match.

You can watch some of the cool videos for the VR battles in the video section:
1) Cloud/Barret/Tifa (unmodded) vs Weiss + PnJ Vanilla version - Many thanks and credit to tanzendesfrettchen for the video.
2) Cloud solo vs Ramuh Hardcore Ultimate version - Many thanks  and credit to  UGoBoom10 for the video.
Tips for Survival
-  I cannot stress the importance of using Binding materia to put strong enemy to sleep so that your party can focus on eliminating the lesser foes; and use silence on enemies like 3-C SOLDIER Operator.

- Barrier materia is also going to be crucial especially in hard mode and in VR challenges.

- Poison materia can be handy especially against the likes of Wrath Hound, Hell Hound etc.

- Time materia is important in some battles just like Binding materia.

- Be sure to equip your character with Parry materia in some battles, especially against those enemies that can bind you. For example, you can avoid getting bound by Wrath Hound’s throat clamp attack if you use evade with parry. You may still take damage though but at least you don’t get bound. This is going to be very handy against certain enemies.

- Once you have reached chapter 9, it is recommended that you try to complete the initial Colosseum challenges to level up your characters, materias as well as getting the 2nd level limit break for both Cloud and Aerith.

- If your party is overwhelmed by a group of strong enemies of the same type, consider using magnify + elemental to quickly eliminate some of them.

- If Aerith is in your party, her Planet’s Protection limit is going to be very important. You should try to quickly fill up her limit gauge as soon as possible in some of the battles. Consider equip her with Spectral Cogwheel to speed up the rate.

- If Barret is in your party, you should often make use of his Steelskin + Lifesaver abilities.

- You are recommended to level up all the elemental magic materia (Fire, Ice, Lightning) as early as possible. You should also get the Wind materia as soon as possible as well. Same goes for levelling up Chakra and Prayer materias.

- You are recommended to level up materias before you start hard mode. Each character should have high HP, that means you should have high levels of HP Up materias.

- In the early chapters, items that can deal AoE like grenades, big bomber can be very useful in some battles.

Drag the .pak file into your <Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade>\End\Content\Paks\~mods folder. If ~mods folder doesn't exist, you can just go ahead and create one.