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This mod takes all the environment textures below 4K (4096x4096) in Sector 7 Slums, and replaces them with AI upscaled versions.

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As everyone knows, the game has a wide range of texture quality.
This mod takes all the textures below 4K (4096x4096), and replaces them with AI upscaled versions of both C textures (color maps) and N
textures (detail maps). For this mod, I upscaled a total of 450 models (900 textures)

If you have my previous 7th Heaven mod, you can remove it. It's included here.

I said this before, I'm not good at making super detailed comparison shots, videos, etc. Sorry for that.

Affected textures include the entire Sector 7 Station, Slums, the Sector 7 Pillar and other reused assets in the game (like the Sector 5 Station)

Left is original / Right is upscaled

Some notes:
  • I went trough several versions of this mod before releasing it.
  • At first, I made everithing have 4K textures, but performance-wise it wasn't worth it. Small models don't benefit from having textures being that high resolution, so I ended up doing 2x size for everything. This means 2K textures are now 4K, 1K are now 2K, etc.
  • You'll see 9 files inside the Rar file, each for the respective texture folder I upscaled. Doing this allowed me to have a better workflow and test things in proper order. Just place all files inside the ~mods folder
  • Small tip: You can create a folder inside the ~mods. Eg: \~mods\Upscale, and place everything there
  • Thanks to Matyamodding, upscaling 4K textures to 8K is now avaliable. This allowed me to give more detail the the dirt floor in the slums.

Quick questions:
  • What's the total uncompressed size? 8Gb
  • Does this affect performance?
  • Yes, of course. How much? Depends on your hardware, GPU VRAM and .INI config. If you notice texture pop-in, my advice would be to not dash while moving around in Sector 7, just run at normal speed.
  • Will I be doing other sections of the game?
  • For sure, but I'll be focusing on Sector 5 and 6. I'll take my time though.
  • X texture still looks bad, what gives?
  • Either: The texture is in another folder (another section in the game, and reused here), or the texture is in a horrible state to begin with (I won't say what they are, so you probably won't notice at all). Upscaling isn't magic, I can't fix those without manual texture edits, or creating a new texture from scratch.Legendary mods like the Moguri mod and Satsuki for other FF games take months to make.Because of how texture folders are used and reused, many upscaled textures reaper later in the game. For example, the Train station in Sector 5 is upscaled with this mod too, as are many objects around the game like barrels, etc.

Again: To install, place in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade\End\Content\Paks\~mods.
If you wish, you can create a folder inside the ~mods. Eg: \~mods\Upscale, and place everything there

Thanks to Matyamoding at the OpenFF7 discord for the required tool!