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Displays ENG subs and JPN subs at the same time.

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Let's learn Japanese (or English) through FF7R!


    Place zDualsub_US_JP_v1.1.pak into EpicGames\FFVIIRemakeIntergrade\End\Content\Paks\~mods


    Select JPN or ENG as the display language.

  • This is subtitle mod. Other displayed characters (e.g. command, menu) are not modified.
  • I just edited text data. If you select other languages, you can't see dualsub.
  • I used my tools to edit subtitle data.
  • If you want text data as .txt, download "Subtitle_US_JP_txt".

Known Issues
  • When the ENG subtitles goes longer than 3 lines, it will push the JPN ones below the screen (fixed in ver1.1)
  • Some dialogues with Chadley won't displayed in 2 languages. (fixed in ver1.1)
  • If the display language is English or Japanese, some Chinese characters (not kanji) will be missing.

Other versions
    There are alternate versions of dualsub mod.
    These versions are available now.

  • ENG & JPN All text ver.
  • FRA & JPN
  • CHT (Traditional Chinese) & JPN
  • CHS (Simplified Chinese) & JPN
  • ENG & ITA
  • ENG & CHT (Traditional Chinese)
  • ENG & CHS (Simplified Chinese)
  • Swap sub ENG & ITA
  • Swap sub ENG & PTB (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Swap sub ENG & ESP
  • Swap sub ENG & JPN
  • Swap sub ENG & CHS (Simplified Chinese)

    If you want other versions (e.g. FRA&CHN), please contact me.

Tips on Text Modding

    I posted some tips (format specification, text decoration, etc.) here.
    Home · matyalatte/FF7R_text_mod_tools Wiki

Japanese description (日本語の紹介ページを用意しています)
    FF7R 2言語字幕MOD|まちゃラテのなんちゃら