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Replaces the Church interior background music with "Flowers Blooming in the Church," performed by an orchestral ensemble. Does not affect the rooftops level.

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Version 1.2 (minor update)
  • Corrected missing volume envelopes for several tracks during the second repeat
  • Improved timing for several melodic performances
  • Adjusted levels of string parts during the finale of the second repeat

This mod replaces Aerith's Theme [Piano Version] with an arrangement of Flowers Blooming in the Church that more closely matches Nobuo Uematsu's score. 

I now have an alternative to this mod with the piece performed using the same ensemble as the original arrangement from Final Fantasy VII. Available here: Flowers Blooming In The Church (OG Ensemble) Sector 5 Church re-score

The total length of looped musical material is 4:47 - two repeats of the full theme. The first repeat is closer to the original, and the second repeat features some more of the accompanying harmonies from Shotaro Shima's version (the rooftops level background music). 

To install, place the ~mods folder inside FFVIIRemakeIntergrade\End\Content\Paks. If you already have a ~mods folder, place pakchunk99-flowersbloomingmusic.pak inside your ~mods folder with your other mod pakchunks.

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