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Increases difficulty by adjusting player growth stats, enemy HP, and materia.

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HardMod makes every difficulty harder.
The main HardMod file is my personal curated difficulty experience. I ONLY recommend using modules if you're looking for a specific type of difficulty.

  • Player controlled party members have reduced stat growth
  • Materia affect stats positively and negatively
  • All weapons and armor have 1 extra materia slot

This works with any difficulty and on existing or new save games

Install by placing the HardMod.pak into the FFVII \End\Content\Paks\~mods folder

In the misc files section there are modules that allow you to pick and choose which features you would like to use. You do not need the main HardMod file to use any of these. Likewise you can use the main Hardmod file AND any of the following non-star modules to further customize the main mod to your own liking.

⭐HardModule - Equipment: Weapon and Armor stat changes
⭐HardModule - Materia: Materia stat changes
⭐HardModule - Players: Nerfed player stat growth
     HardModule - Enemies: Increases enemy HP by 30-60% on average. Enemies are harder to stagger.
     HardModule - Enemies 2x: Increases enemy HP by 200%. Enemies are harder to stagger.
     HardModule - Bosses: Bosses have 30-60% more HP and enemies recover from stagger faster

⭐= Included in main file and Classic ATB version

Just pick and choose which ones you want to use. The main mod is simply 1 .pak containing the 4 marked modules.