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This mod changes standart Cloud animations with female version (where it possible), it based on Tifa's animations.

Permissions and credits
Mod have some limitations related to amount of suitable animations for Cloud and his skeleton, therefore it can be weird in some actions. (It not a bugs!)

You can use this mod with any mods that thange Cloud model, including female model swaps.

Attention!!!! The mod isn't perfect, there are some places in the game, that you need play without it. Don't worry, you'll quickly understand where will be this place and they are just a few.


Big thanks to MatyaModding for his awesome Blender Uasset Addon and his AnimSequence Modding tutorial, without this tool I never would've been able to make this mod.

Also big thanks creators of the Umodel (Customized version)Unreal Pak (custom build by Fluffy Quack).

Thanks to OpenFF7R  modding community.


Place pak file in the ~mods folder in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade\End\Content\Paks. (create folder ~mods in the paks folder If you don't see it there)