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A powerful weapon from a distant acquaintance of Cloud's, re-forged in the FFVII:R universe.

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The Kingdom Key from Kingdom Hearts. The model is based off the appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3 but made from scratch to better fit the world of Final Fantasy VII: Remake. This mod also replaces the weapon's hit sound effects with the sound effects from Kingdom Hearts 3. The weapon can also support 4 unique materia slots. This can go over either the Buster Sword, or the Mythril Saber. This does not currently include the Mickey keychain, as I need to learn more about how to mod in physics.

This model was made to match the proportions of Cloud's other weapons. So the hitbox and his grip on the weapon will be accurate.

CAD model created for this mod:

How to Install:
To install this mod, simply place the .pak file(s) in into FFVIIRemakeIntergrade/End/Content/Paks/~mods. 

Credits / Tools:

Models and textures by ColossalCake.

Thanks to matyalatte for their FF7R-mesh-importerFF7R-DDS-tools, and Blender-Uasset-Addon tool.
Thanks to Yoraiz0r for their AudioMog tool.
Thanks to spiritovod for theirUmodel tool.
Thanks to FluffyQuack for their unrealpak tool.

Pictures were taken with Otis_Inf's Unreal Engine 4 Camera Unlocker