Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster

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Adds Portraits to the textboxes for the main characters!

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Then copy the .bundle file of the desired UI and Portrait option from this mod into:
FINAL FANTASY IV PR\FINAL FANTASY IV_Data\StreamingAssets\aa\StandaloneWindows64

Adds Portraits to the textboxes for the main characters! Includes Opera Omnia, 3DRemake, PSP, GBA and Stock Portraits, with 4 UI styles. This update now includes Golbez's portrait! To make this mod work properly, Shiryu's Classic Text Box Framework (FFIV) HAS to be installed first. Thanks to Shiryu for enabling a workaround for Golbez's portrait!

During a certain point in the game, you will have to swap to the Paladin Cecil version. It also covers another character.

To make the menu portraits match, then install:

PSP Portraits HD
PC Portraits HD
GBA Portraits Enhanced
Opera Omnia Portraits

Big thanks to @faospark for making the Darker UI and Opera Omnia portraits!
Thanks to @Shiryu for enabling a workaround for Golbez's portrait!
Thanks to @Lopsho for providing inspiration for this mod with their Embedded Speaker Frame mod

Textbox Portraits (Full Frame) also available!

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This mod does not include any fonts. To download custom fonts, view the Font Modding Guide and Index by @fugsnarf

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by @fugsnarf