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Changes the translation back to the one used in the PSP version. Also adds important information to all item and equipment descriptions.

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This is a mod that changes all items, equipment, names, locations, spells, monsters, etc. back to the more canon localization from the PSP version of Final Fantasy IV. These ability names and equipment have shown up in other Final Fantasy spin-offs, thus are more canon than what the Pixel Remaster uses.

The entire story script has been copied over as of v1.2.

How to install
  • Download the 7z file
  • Extract all contents to your game directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY IV PR)
  • Start the game
  • Note: the game might take a bit longer to launch on the first attempt, this is normal

Some notable changes:
  • Life changed to Raise
  • Full-Life changed to Arise
  • Scan changed to Libra
  • Sword of Legend changed to Mythgraven Blade
  • Darkness (status ailment) changed to Blind
  • Darkness (element) changed to Dark
  • Changed the tracks in the music player to reflect the canon
  • and much more.

I also heavily altered item and equipment descriptions to be less "fluff" and more informative. Same with almost all magic.
  • Items now state exactly how much HP or MP they restore (Potion restores 100 HP, etc.)
  • Descriptions now list if an item is metallic
  • Equipment now plainly lists what it is immune to, what it resists, and what it is weak against
  • Weapons now list any hidden properties (Throw-elemental, Long-range)
  • Spells now list their element as well as their cast time, spell power, and accuracy if applicable
  • and much more.

Future plans:
  • Fix the automatic sorting

Credit to Albeoris for Memoria FFPR.
Credit to Silvris for the FFIV Memoira plugin.