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  • 1. FF3 - New Menu Layout for Final Fantasy III

    A mod that changes the layout of the Final Fantasy III PC menu. The PC version uses the touchscreen button style layout, from the Android/iOS release, which looks awkward on a big screen! This mod fixes that by making the menu more clean and simple. It's like a traditional FF menu that we are used to! Version 2.0!

    updated 23:56, 15 Mar 2015 4,672 73 616kb IcePenguin

  • 2. FF7 Battle Theme for Final Fantasy III

    This mod replaces the FF3 battle theme with a perfectly-looped FF7 battle theme. It uses the battle theme from the original Playstation release!

    updated 20:45, 2 Mar 2015 239 8 3,307kb IcePenguin

  • 3. FFIII Sound Effects Mod - 1.0 for Final Fantasy III

    Main two fixes are the airship sound effect. The loop of the audio file is off and it sounds really strange, so I fixed the loop and it sounds perfect now.

    Also I got rid of the sound effect for opening menus and entering doors. I felt it was obnoxious and really annoying.

    updated 15:00, 7 Mar 2016 500 7 40kb finitemachine0

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