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This will replace younger Ignis's head with his older version. Includes older head for Crownsguard Casual (Episode Ignis DLC outfit)

Permissions and credits

  • To install, find where FFXV is installed on your computer. Where ever your Steam games install (usually Program Files) and go to Steam\steamapps\common\FinalFantasyXV
  • Follow the folder paths to install: datas\character\nh\nh03\model_000
  • Model_000 will overwrite his younger head to become his older head/hair
  • Model_200 will overwrite his blinded younger head in Chapters 10-13 to become his older head/hair
  • Entry nh03_base will allow his Crownsguard Casual outfit to use his older head/hair instead of his younger face and messy hair.
  • Entry nh03_base will also allow his Crownsguard Casual outfit to use his older head/hair in Chapters 10-13 as well.
  • Make sure you back up Final Fantasy XV/datas/character/nh03/model_000 and model_200
  • Make sure you back up Final Fantasy XV/datas/character/nh03/entry/nh03_base


  • If you do not overwrite nh03_base, when you equip the Crownsguard Casual/Unkempt Crownsguard, his face will revert to his younger face and hair will be down or "drenched" outside of Chapter 14 as long as the outfit is equipped.
  • The Episode Ignis outfits never changed the head for older Ignis in Chapter 14 so that remains the same. His head will be older in Chapter 14.
  • I did not do an overwrite for the Unkempt Crownsguard for Chapters 10-13 since it will look the same as the Casual.
  • If you equip the Unkempt Crownsguard outfit in Chapters 10-13 it will revert to the Drenched Hair style and the sunglasses. Just use the Casual one since it would be the same head and body.
  • If you only replace Model_000, Ignis will revert back to his younger self in Chapters 10-13.
  • None of these overwrites affect his model in Episode Ignis, only in the main game.
  • This overwrite does effect his model in Episode Gladio. 


  • Textures on Crownsguard Casual and Unkempt Crownsguard outfits are messed up. They've been this way for awhile now. Has nothing to do with model files.


  • Simply copy the files you wish to replace and overwrite them in their respective folders.
  • I have included backups of the original files just in case.
  • I even included a backup of the model_100 head (the older head) in case the older head files have been overwritten by another file overwrite.


  • Replace the files you have overwritten with the original files.


  • Made on the Steam version of the game. I also have 4k textures installed.
  • Has not been tested any other way. I did a full play through of the game with the files and had no issues.