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ECO, for now, is a retexture mod of characters outfits inspired by older Final Fantasy games or completely own creations. Depending on what will be possible with the upcoming mod creation tool by SE the mod might develop in more than it's actual state.

Permissions and credits

Welcome to the Empire Character Overhaul.

This mod aims to recreate some character outfits to make them look, well, just different. I personally like the style of the entire group. SE did a very good job here. Most of the original outfits have a unique look, but sometimes the color doesn't wants to fit for my personal enjoyment. That's why there are already so many recolor/retexturing mods out there.
My vision is not to just change the colors. I wanted to give those clothes a new design, a new feeling. Every retextures of these mod will fit a theme. This might be an actual trend in fashion or with older Final Fantasy characters in mind.

Because the lack of hardware to run FFXV in 4k or with 4k textures it's not easy to test them. At the start there will be just a 2k version of my mod, followed by  4k version during the week. Also more ingame footage with some actions are coming this week. Sorry for now.

Let's start the engine.

Of course we start with Noctis, the prince and our main character. The Prince has several outfits to get creative with.
Well, the color of the kingdom might be black, but that doesn't mean he have to show everybode where he comes from.
And to be honest - He is going to a wedding, not a funeral.

This looks at least a little bit familiar to you? Don't you think of a blonde guy with an edgy hairstyle, who swings a great sword and drives a cool motorcycle?
Yeah, that's right. This design is inspired by the different appearances of Cloud Strife, the hero of FFXVII.
The navy-blue main color, mixed with brown parts and silver highlights remains Noctis in a darker look. The new wool shirt keeps him more warm, inspired by Clouds shirt in Aadvent Children.
It's a pity that there is no motorcycle in the game right now.

Last Version: 1.0 - Contains 2k and 4k files

Since I was young I was into designing things. A few years ago I started to create designs for different clothes. With this Shirt there is also one in FFXV now. Combined with grey trousers and the brown jacket it's one of my favourites to go to work or out with friends.
The meaning of the shirt is to respect life in any kind of way. In life good and bad things happen. One day you might cry or just standing in the rain (blue string), but other days you just love to listen to music, going out, maybe driving a car (green string) or you also find your love and get children (red string). At the end of every day and years you just take your last breath and rest in piece (yellow string). To take your own or someone elses life means, that every facette of life is gone forever or will never exist. Everyone of us is a full Story.
For more details you can check the screenshot with the comparison between the original and the ingame one.

Last Version: 1.0 - Contains 2k and 4k files

Now be honest to yourself. Who doesn't like Cindey? Well, me. That shiny yellow suit cries for retextures and there are many crazy mechnics in different media out there to give her a more serious look. It's all about the details.[/center]

We all know that Cindey is the real Final Fantasy Cid in the game. Cindey is more like a passive party member than her father. So what would fit this character more than a retexture inspired of Cid Highwind, one of the most famous Cids in FF history?
She has a blue jacket, paired with green trousers and brown boots/gloves. Also don't forget about his white scarf. I guess you will notice that detail on her too, somehow.
To be honest, Cid Highwind is not my favourite in the series but it would be a litte mean to give her the look of an oglop.

Last Version: 1.0 - Contains 2k and 4k files

Here you will find various Styles which are not necessarily part of a set.
Please have in mind that especially the hair preview pictures are made under perfect circumstances for it's color. Depending on lighting and shadow settings or used injectors it might look different for every single user. For example: Most of the time the sun will shine on the hair which leads to a very shiny white color in some prts of the hair. It's part of the game engine so right now there is nothing to do against it.
**You will find Various edits under optional files**

Other Character mods will follow, feel free to send me requests. Please, just have in mind that I also have to go to work and take care of my family. :)

Mod History

**1.2 [April 22th] - added Set 2 for Noctis | added various files: Noct with brown hair, brown shirt+white shirt**
1.1 - added various files: dark-brown hair for Noct + blue shining eyes with black hair
1.0 - added 4k files, added cindey set1
0.9.1 - fixed the folder path
0.9 2k Version of the mod

Special Thanks

My wife - Within the last couple days she gave me a lot of freetime to learn how to mod FFXV

My 9 weeks old son - Whenever I did a mistake he just peed or pood, I am proud of you.

Jax765 - During my learning phase he replied to my questions very fast. You can also see some of his mod in the actual pictures.