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Adjusts AP costs to be more reasonable, and re-orders some abilities so you can swap to Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto right away. Exploration abilities (gain AP/EXP for doing X action) are actually worth it now.

Permissions and credits

- Abilities that cost 999 AP were reduced to 150 AP at most.
- Abilities that cost 555 AP were reduced to 125 AP at most.
- Abilities that cost 333 AP were reduced to 99 AP at most.
- Change to Gladiolus/Change to Prompto/Change to Ignis are the first nodes on the TECHNIQUES tab, rather than third, making it easy to play as them immediately.
- EXPLORATION tab abilities have AP significantly reduced, making them worth the investment.

Full, precise list of AP changes are included in the mod download.


To Install with Flagrum mod manager:

1) Download the latest version of Flagrum:
2) Run the Setup.exe file.
3) Double-click the file included in this mod called "rebalanced_ascension.fmod". This should open Flagrum, and ask "Do you wish to install this mod?" Click "Yes".
To disable the mod, right-click the mod in Flagrum, and select "Disable Mod". It can be re-enabled from the "Disabled Mods" tab (right-click it and select "Enable Mod").

To Install manually:

Copy "autobuild.earc" into this folder:
\FINAL FANTASY XV\datas\common
And replace the file of the same name there. Make a backup of the original file. A backup is also included with the mod ("autobuild_bak.earc"). Just delete the modded file and rename the backup to "autobuild.earc", and it's uninstalled.