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Removes invisible walls and some props collisions so you can explore the World of Eos in its entirety.

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THIS POST IS OUTDATED for No Collision refer to this post by HAL51:


Theres not much to it other than moving some files in the game directory. That should be enough to cover most of the collisions in the map of Lucis to freely explore everything.

  • steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY XV\datas\environment\world\curve\collisions\autoexternal.earc

Just move the file "autoexternal.earc" into an backup folder.

This file holds all the collisions of the props in the game. So by moving it into a another folder the game wont load the collisions for the props, that means you can freely walk, stand on nearly any props you can find.

  • steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY XV\datas\environment\world\ebex\share

Do the same thing above, move the file "wm_c_navi.earc" in "share" into an backup folder. This one holds all the invisible collisions you find when you stumble upon a mountain or a fence, by removing it you can walk up the mountains or jump over the fences.

  • steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY XV\datas\environment\world\ebex\duscae

Suprisingly, the Vesperpool has their own set of collisions that is separate on a another file.
Again to remove the invisible wall, create a backup folder and move the file "du_c_invisible.earc" in that folder

As for Cartanica and Altissia download the file below and replace it with the given file into these directory:

  • steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY XV\datas\environment\altissia\ebex\props\al_al_b_base.earc
  • steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY XV\datas\environment\world_train\prefab\p_wt_pr_stcartanica1.earc

NOTE: For Cartanica, this will only remove the collisions of the fence, you can´t walk onto the train tracks or climb on the train since it still has a hidden collision to it, which I still haven´t found a way to remove it yet.

This guide is still unfinished as I haven´t found the collisions for the other areas e.g Niflheim, Insomnia, or the Area Terra Wars with Sarah.

The DLC episode wont probably work but I haven´t tested yet. This is strictly for the main game.

In Leide you might still hit some hidden walls when you try to walk up a mountain. Theres sadly no solution to this since its hard coded in the props file which we cant (as of now) edit the file to change the collision size.

It is recommend to download the 4K Resolution Pack and activate the Nvidia Turf Effects as it adds a lot of vegetation in the inaccessible areas

Everything done using sayhijon FFXVScout programm to edit the in game .earc files