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A subtle, vanilla-friendly GShade preset meant for gameplay.

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Disable in-game AO with this preset.

The preset is designed to enhance the vanilla visuals, which I really like, and make lighting pop. 

It contains:
  • Subtle bloom
  • Indirect lighting (very noticeable in Limsa Llominsa, for instance)
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Light sharpening
  • Tonemapping tweaks

... with the goal of  keeping the game's basic look while adding some oomph. No blown-out highlights, no crushed blacks, no bloom soup, no over-saturation.

  1. Install GShade according to the directions there.
  2. Drop the Echo folder from here into the "GShade Presets" folder in your Final Fantasy XIV game folder. In my case, since I bought on Steam, it's at Steam\SteamApps\common\FINAL FANTASY XIV Online\game\gshade-presets
  3. When in-game, open the GShade window (configured to HOME to open/close, and END to toggle effects on and off for me) and choose Echo Vanilla+ preset from the dropdown at the top.

***Screenshot comparisons are taken at max graphics settings, MINUS AO since Echo includes it.
I may include some for-funsies presets I've been working on down the road, but this has always been my main gameplay preset.