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Attempts to reduce or eliminates(Ultra) shimmering caused by grass.

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Nvidia inspector profiles.

5 versions:

Ultra: For very high end SLI  systems, equiv of running 10k+ resolution (8xSGSSA)
High: 980ti or equiv, elimates almost all flicker (4xSGSSA)
Medium: Recommended for most, elimates most flicker (2xSGSSA) 
Low: a performance improvement over default settings, reduces some flicker (+3 LOD SD textures)
Very low: for vintage computers or non gaming laptops, some textures will apear transparent and most will just be solid colors, eliminates ALL flickering at a high price of quality. (Potato detail flag I found)

ALL files contain AFR to make gameplay smooth at lower FPS to offset the performance impacts of Medium-Ultra

ALL files are FPS capped, its up to you to choose a nlimit low enough to make the green line smooth in the benchmark. However Vsync is not neccesary.

Medium - Ultra Improves image quality(more so than DSR); recommended not to use DSR with it. Will not work in windowed mode at this time, only fullscreen.

For DX11 only Low or Very low work.

For Low Tessellation/Parallax occlusion should be off, grass set to low quality. Use FXAA in game or with Reshade.

High and possibly medium too on DX9, arguably look better than DX11 due to the texture improvement.

If you are unhappy with Medium and can not run high, I suggest using SMAA or FXAA on Reshade with Medium. See my reshade preset here: http://www.nexusmods.com/finalfantasy14/mods/4/

In game settings recommendation for DX11:

  • Glare off (the one under Ambient Occlusions)

  • Grass quality off

  • Optional: Parralax mapping off