About this mod

Similar to Face Defined, this is a texture upgrade. This will effect various NPC's throughout the game.

Permissions and credits

NPC Defined replaces the vanilla face textures for FFXIV for various NPC's throughout the game
NPC Defined is designed to be a "Must Have" add on for any FFXIV fan willing to dive into some basic modding.

NPC Defined maintains the original texture design provided by SquareEnix while enhancing the detail by 4x. No changes, no alterations, no extra smoothing with effects just pure improved HD vanilla the way the assets SHOULD have been released as.

Before an update to FFXIV
, Make sure you backup your mods and use the "help" > "Start Over"  button to clean your index for the next update.
  • It's a good idea to do this anytime there's an update or even server
    maintenance. Failing to do so could corrupt your index files and in
    worse cases force a re-download of the game to fix.

[DX11 Crashing]

Disable all mods.
"help" > "Start Over"
Double check that the game works on vanilla. Indexs might have been corrupted.

[if corrupted indexs]= Find the latest clean indexs from TexTools Discord or redownload your game entirely.
(Always make manual backups don't always let TexTools do it for you.)

[If game works]= Proceed to install Face Defined as instructed.
After done check "Help" > "Look for problems"
If all good, You can continue to install any mods you had Or just play the game.

If errors persist= ???? I have no clue it might be an error with TexTools or the download might have gotten corrupted.

  • Download the main file.
  • Download TexTools and make sure to go through the process of setting that up and making backups of your index files. (Automatically done by TexTools)
  • Inside TexTools click the "Mods" button in the top left and then "Import modpack" Find the .ttmp2 and open it.
  • You'll be given an import screen to confirm the files to import. Go through
    the options like you want and read carefully. This should be pretty
    easy. Once done It'll start importing the files you selected.
  • Congrats! The mod/s are installed. Feel free to fire up the game and have fun~

  • Open Textools
  • Click "Mods" In the top left.
  • Click "Mod List" in the following menu.
  • Click on "ModPacks" to open the folder view of all the ModPacks you've installed. Click on "NPC Defined"
  • In the bottom right you can Disable or Enable and also Delete. Disable the modPack then Delete it, To fully uninstall.

Do I have to install the entire modpack?
  • No. I have created this modpack to allow you to pick and choose which NPC's you would like to upgrade

Will there be more NPC's added in the future?
  • Yes! As I create more and more upgrades to NPC's and Yoshida and his team add new characters I will be adding to the modpack. As long as the game exists this mod will recieve updates.

Will I be banned for this?
  • No. Client-Side modifications are not detectable by SQUARE-ENIX at the time of creating and publishing this mod.
I think I found a broken texture, How can I help in that report?
  • If possible take a screenshot and make a report on this page with a link to it. I can determine which face it is from there.

My game crashes on startup.
  • Consider visiting the TexTools or XIV modding discords. We have plenty of members to help, Alternatively follow the Uninstallation process above and try again.

Do you have a Discord?
  • Yes, Hit the Discord button at the bottom.

Can I support you with a donation?
  • Yes, Check out My wife and I's patreon page linked below.

I saw that new NPC works mod on pop up and it offers all the same NPC's, is it better?
  • No. One of the things that makes all of those NPC's look so good is the reshade they are using. It not only enhances their color but blurs the background and gives the illusion of more detail. On NPC defined we do use a Gshade but it only enhances the color and nothing else. There is also now an included comparison picture to show defined assets next to works assets. Works just uses ESRGAN on the textures which for lack of a better term, ruins the original assets.

for publishing and creating the original textures and FINAL FANTASY XIV
NVIDIA for their textureworks PS plugin.
Kylie for support and creating the text and title for the main 

All assets contained in this mod are free to use to create with provided you bother to ask first, under the following conditions:
1: You do not under any circumstances alter the size of any of the included textures as the textures will artifact.
(No upscaling / downscaling)

2: You may not use any of the assets contained in this mod in the creation of a paid commission or paid patreon mod.
You may also not sell mods using these assets on a Ko-fi shop. If you make a mod and someone gives you a tip that is fine.

a. In the event you WISH to use these assets to make a makeup mod on or something and wish to use in a patreon, feel free to use the face as a base to paint on but you will have to just release the makeup as a separate PSD for people to paste onto their own face of choice.

b. ANY mods created using these base assets are allowed to be posted anywhere EXCEPT for the contribution server.
(They have openly acknowledged that everything they are doing is 100% illegal and I want none of my work and or assets anywhere near that place)

3: Do not link this mod in another mod with instructions on how to rip the assets for use. That is essentially using my work without permission. If you want to use the assets then please just ask.

4: Give proper credit. If you make a mod using any part, be sure to give credit as I spent a very long time on all of this

5: Don't try to steal and claim as your own. These were created using the same process we used on Hair Defined, which cant be replicated.
My textures are unique.
NO we do NOT just slap them in waifu2x or gigapixel whatever and call it done so doing that is NOT the same thing,