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A collection of subtle Reshade presets that makes the world of Eorzea more Alive. Color settings, atmospheric fog, and SSAO have been fine tuned to give you a perfectly playable experience, without having the game look washed out.

Permissions and credits
Alive NEXT, Alive 6.5, and Alive RTGI require some/most/all of these shaders, and the addon called REST.


REST and the XIV preset RESTXIV
- An addon that replaces FFUIkeep/UIhide. Lets you manually select which shaders affect your UI -
Glamarye Fast Effects
 - A shader suite that is being use for Global Illumination that doesn't take a large chunk out of your GPU performance. -
(it also has lots of other effects that may be utilized further in the future)

JakobP's Motion Estimation (DRME)
A motion estimation shader not unlike iMMERSE Launchpad. However, this does not grab as much data, and should affect random performance less. - It is only a prerequisite for motion blur.
Jakobp's Linear Motion Blur
A motion estimation based motion blur. Requires DRME. Works better at higher framerates. Currently the best motion blur solution as it does not simply smear the screen. It takes into account the motion of your game, and blurs things that are actually "in motion" by using motion data that is generated per frame.
Currently not as good as Per Pixel motion blur, however, we do not have anything like that for ReShade as far as I know.

Lighroom/ReGrade is no longer required.
I have made my color curve into a LUT, which a friend of mine helped me code into an actual shader based off of an open source LUT manager.
There are no requirements for the AliveLUT.fx

Last but not least are all the iMMERSE Pro and Ultimate effects that are used for all the presets.
The one you need for screenshots is called ReLight, and it is only part of the iMMERSE Ultimate pack now.
Please check out Marty's patreon to see how you can get these shaders:
Pascal Glitcher Memberships
The membership tier you want for everything is PHOTON MAPPERS.
My advice: Pay the $20 once, go do the discord and download everything, then unsub. ReLight rarely gets big updates, and the current 2 versions that are out now are both fantastic.


If you do not want to purchase access, you can probably find them online or from a friend.

------------------------------------------------------- INSTALLATION -------------------------------------------------------


  • Do a fresh installation of ReShade. You can either install over what you have and do an update, or first Uninstall ReShade, and reinstall it again. I would recommend a fresh install.
  • During install, select the FFDX11.exe, and during shader selection, select all shaders. Alive does not need all these shaders, but it helps to have them all so that you can use any other presets you might want.
  • During the ADDON phase of ReShade installation, Select the ReshadeEffectShaderToggler(REST)
    If you do not want to install REST through the reshade installer, you can do so after the installation by downloading REST from the linked github.
  • If you opted to download REST instead of installing it through the ReShade installer, take the contents of REST and place it into your root game folder.
  • After ReShade finishes the installation, take the files from the RESTXIV preset and drop them into your root game folder. It will ask if you want to replace the file in the folder. Press yes.
    If it does not ask you if you want to replace the file. You do not have REST installed. Please check to make sure you have installed the REST addon, and that the files are inside of your root game folder, not the addon folder.
  • After ReShade and REST are in place. Go to each github linked above to download the required/optional shader effects.
    Please download each of the required/optional files direclty.
  • For Glamarye_fast_effects: Copy the Shaders folder into reshade-shaders inside of your Game folder.
  • For DRME Motion Estimation: copy the contents of the ReshadeMotionBlur-main into your Shaders folder inside of reshade-shaders folder.
  • For LinearMotionBlur: copy the contents of ReshadeMotionBlur-main into your Shaders folder inside of reshade-shaders folder.
  • For iMMERSE Pro/Ultimate: Do what you need to to get them. From the Pro and Ultimate zip files: Copy the Shaders and Textures folders into your reshade-shaders folder in your root game directory. If you want ReLight Alpha 0.2 that is a separate download in Pascal's Discord.
  • Last but not least. Copy over any of the Alive Presets you want. All 3 zip files for NEXT, 6.5, and RTGI 4 go into the same place. Copy the contents of the zipped folder (the reshade-shaders and reshade-textures folders) into your root game folder.
  • On first game launch, ReShade will tell you that it is compiling. As of this guide, the command to open the ReShade menu is ctrl+f2
    Use the reshade preset selector in the HOME menu to select the version of Alive you want to use.

If you do not want to purchase the iMMERSE Pro/Ultimate shaders...

Good luck! It's all out there somewhere. Just gotta dig deep.

Welcome to Alive NEXT

ALIVE NEXT, 6.5, & RTGI4 Requires the use of "ReShade 6.0.1 with full add-on support" ReShade 6.0.1 with Full addon support
You may have to allow the download.

------------------------------------------------------- ALIVE NEXT -------------------------------------------------------

Alive NEXT

Alive NEXT is the next generation of Alive ReShade, fine tuned and better optimized to make the world of Eorzea, nay, all of Etheirys more Alive.

Removed the need for Lightroom or ReGrade with a new custom shader specifically for Alive called AliveLUT
AliveLUT applies Alive's color correction without the need for drawing each frame (as is what LUTs do)
This lets Alive ReShade color correct your game at 0 performance cost. That's right, 0.
AliveLUT is also used in all the other versions of Alive as well.

Alive NEXT has a single version:

Alive NEXT: Uses iMMERSE MXAO for shading, Glamarye Fast Effects for Global Illumination & Anti-Aliasing, DRME & Linear Motion Blur for a groundbreaking screenspace and motion data based Motion Blur, AliveLUT for a finely tuned and tweaked color correction filter, Adaptive Fog to make distant lands feel as if they are actual distant, and for those who have iMMERSE PRO, a Solar effect that ever so slightly brightens lighter parts of the screen, making your game experience feel more realistic than ever.

Alive NEXT Screenies: Same as NEXT, but adds in ReLight and ADOF for a more dramatic effect.

Alive NEXT Screenies requires the ReLight shader from Pascal Glitcher's/Marty'sMods patreon/discord. You can get it from the PHOTONMAPPERS tier, which is $20. My advice, pay once, download all the shader packs, then unsub.

------------------------------------------------------- ALIVE 6.5 -------------------------------------------------------


Alive 6.5 is a Reshade preset set that is fine tuned to make the world of Eorzea more Alive.

Everything aside from the lightroom curve has been adjusted for use with the new iMMERSE suite of shaders.
For the next version, I will be switching the lightroom curve to the ReGrade plugin from iMMERSE.

Alive 6.5 has a few different versions, which are listed below.

Alive 6.5 Performance: This is the most basic of the versions available. It has minimal performance hit, making it the best way for older systems to use Alive.
This is what Alive 5 Vanilla was
There is a 1-5% performance hit.

Alive 6.5 Vanilla: This is the default version of Alive. It has natural looking MXAO, An upgraded Distant fog effect much like the Performance preset, but upgraded.
This is what Alive 5 Ultra was.
There is a 10-15% performance hit.

Alive 6.5 Ultra: This is the Ultimate version of Alive. It has all the same effects as the higher performance versions, but with much higher quality shadows (mxao)
This is a better version of what Alive 5 Ultra was.
There is a 20-50% performance hit (completely depends on your hardware. Sorry folks)

Alive 6.5 Fantasy: CURRENTLY NOT RELEASED - Looking into alternatives for the DOF (Again)

Please note that all presets are aimed at having a playable user experience (Targeted at 75+fps). This is not meant for screenshots, but for day to day use.

------------------------------------------------------- ALIVE RTGI 3 -------------------------------------------------------

Alive RGTI 4

Alive RTGI is a Reshade preset set that is fine tuned to make the world of Eorzea Path Traced... and Alive.

ALIVE RTGI 4 Is a full overhaul of the RTGI version of Alive.  Requirements: iMMERSE Pro + ReLight/iMMERSE Ultimate for the screenshot shader. Available from PascalGlitcher's Patreon/Discord. Pro is available with the $5 tier, while ReLight and ReLight 2 are from the PHOTON MAPPERS tier, which is $20
Sorry folks, ReLight is one of the greatest shaders to have ever been conceived. The screenshot shader requires it.

Alive 4 RTGI has 2 main presets as listed below:

Alive RTGI 4: Is Alive 6.5 Ultra not good enough for you? Do you want more? This is it. RTGI adds in screen space Global Illuminated lighting, along with the most advanced form of SSAO/MXAO seen in a post processing application. The new version of PascalGlitcher's (Marty) RTGI shader boasts increased performance with better visuals, higher quality rays, better filtered RT, and much more.

This is missing a few features from Alive RTGI 2 such as, and limited to: Sky color spreading.

It will apparently be added to a future updated of the iMMERSE Pro RTGI shader.

Alive RTGI 4 Screenies: The screenshot specific version of Alive RTGI. Settings are all the way up. Shaders set to max. Lights, camera, action. Literally. 
This was the Alive RTGI 2 Screenies preset. This is a full rework of the screenshot shader preset. 

The shaders required for RTGI 4 and Screenies are both part of Marty's tier 1 patreon.

Or, You can source the shader yourself. It's out there somewhere. Good luck.

Please note that this is not for gameplay. Your video card will be very angry. Your computer will get very hot. This is potentially dangerous for anyone without prior knowledge on their videocard's safe operational temperatures.
^ This is still not a joke. Please be careful running the Screenies preset for long periods of time. Be weary of your custom GPU curves if you have any.


  • Alive 6.5 requires the iMMERSE Suite & the qUINT suite, which is available from the ReShade installer. Select these when downloading.
  • Alive RTGI 4 requires the iMMERSE Pro/Ultra suite, which is available from PascalGlitcher's patreon/discord. Find it here: Pascal Glitcher
  • Alive RTGI 4 Screenies requires the ReLight shader, which is part of PascalGlitcher's PHOTON MAPPERS tier.
  • Alive RTGI 4 Has a 40-50 Performance Tax, Yikes!
  • Alive RTGI 4 Screenies takes has a blisteringly large 50-70% performance tax.
  • Alive NEXT is the direction Alive will be moving toward. Motion blur is present, but can be disabled by either turning off the shaders used, or not even installing them in the first place.
    The plan with Alive NEXT was to make a preset that looked visually interesting, and also emulate how RTGI looks. I wanted something to LOOK like a video game enhancement, and less of a Real Life simulator.

As an example of performance, My computer, running Windows 11 (i7-13700k, RTX3090FE, 2K Monitor (2440x1440))
Alive NEXT: 165+ FPS
Alive 6 Ultra: 144-165+ FPS
Alive RTGI Gamplay: 60-90+ FPS
Alive RTGI Screenshot: Sub 50 FPS

------------------------------------------------------- REQUIREMENTS -------------------------------------------------------

"ReShade 6.0.1 with full add-on support" is required for the use of Alive.
REST Is required now instead of UIHide/Keep

Alive NEXT requires these repos: GFEDRMELMB (DRME & LMB are optional)

Alive RTGI 4 requires the use of PascalGlither's iMMERSE Pro RTGI shader, whichever is newest.

Alive RTGI 4 Screenies requires the ReLight Shader, which is part of the PHOTOM MAPPERS tier of Marty's patreon.

Purchase the RTGI shaders here: Patreon

And, as requested by a few, This is what your Shader List should look like after installation:

NEXT should have:
iMMERSE Pro Solaris (If you got the iMMERSE Pro pack)

NEXT Screenies:
iMMERSE Launchpad
iMMERSE Pro Solaris
MartysMods_RELIGHT (if you got the iMMERSE Ultimate pack)

Alive Performance:

Alive Vanilla:
iMMERSE Sharpen
iMMERSE Anti Aliasing

Alive Ultra:
iMMERSE Launchpad
iMMERSE Sharpen
iMMERSE Anti Ailiasing

iMMERSE Launchpad
iMMERSE Pro Solaris

RTGI4 Screenies:
iMMERSE Launchpad
iMMERSE Pro Solaris

Alive is a project of passion. I will never charge money for any Alive Preset.