Final Fantasy XIV

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A collection of subtle GShade presets that makes the world of Eorzea more Alive. Color settings, atmospheric fog, and SSAO have been fine tuned to give you a perfectly playable experience, without having the game look washed out.

Permissions and credits
As of the update on 11/1/22, the 0.30 version of the RTGI shader (what Alive RTGI uses) no longer works as intended.
Please downgrade to RTGI 0.27(or 0.27c)
There will no longer be any sky colors, but it will at least work, or, work without making your videocard cry blood.

ALIVE 5 Requires the use of Gshade

------------------------------------------------------- OVERVIEW -------------------------------------------------------

AS YOU'VE KNOWN IT: Alive Gshade Preset

Alive 5 is a Gshade preset collection fine tuned to make the world of Eorzea feel more Alive.
Each preset looks visually similar with slight differences so that anyone with any type of computer can enjoy a color balanced FF14.

PERFORMANCE | This preset is centered on color balancing the game. Get rid of the green haze FF14 has naturally. There is a 1% performance tax.

This preset is the upgraded version of PERFORMANCE, and adds in advanced shading in both characters & environment. There is a 5-10% performance tax.

This preset is for those whom like the graphic effects in FF12. There is DEPTH OF FIELD in this preset. So for those who don't enjoy the distant world being blurred, this is not for you. There is a 10-20% performance tax.

This preset is the upgraded version of VANILLA. The same color correction, and atmosphere, and advanced shading. Additonally, there is an improved. There is a 15-20% performance tax.

 This preset combines all the previous settings into one preset. There is DEPTH OF FIELD in this preset.  There is a 15-25% performance tax.

Please note that all presets are aimed at having a playable user experience (Targeted at 75+fps). This is not meant for screenshots, but for day to day use.


Alive RTGI is a Gshade preset set that is fine tuned to make the world of Eorzea Path Traced... and Alive.

GAMEPLAY | This an improvement over Alive 5 Ultra featuring advanced path traced SSAO shading, and path traced Global Illumination.
See XIV in a way you never have before. Watch the world change around you depending on the color of the sky, or the room you are in. Windows inside of houses will appear to be giving off real light. A clear sky day in Limsa will turn into a lightbulb.

SCREENSHOT | This is a screenshot specific preset fine tuned to turn your GPU into powder. This is an advanced preset, and requires the User to tweak it further to fit their needs.
Features path traced and Screen space MXAO, path traced Global Illumination, Depth driven (by numerical input) or Mouse driven cinematic depth of field.
This preset is attempting to emulate a real camera in XIV

Please note that this is not for gameplay. Your video card will be very angry. Your computer will get very hot. This is potentially dangerous for anyone without prior knowledge on their videocard's safe operational temperatures.


Alive Gshade Preset V has two main versions as is displayed in the file section. This version is the upgraded version of Alive 4.0.1 List of changes below.

  • Alive Gshade Preset 5

  1. Less red in the lightroom color curve.
  2. Removed FFXIVMXAO as it was causing issues with GPU temperatures, and a drastically reduced framerate in certain systems.
  3. Improved quality on the remaining MXAO shader, with "fake" nearsighted Global illumination, as well as better CPU definitions.
  4. Using "Ultra" as a benchmark, performance has gone from a 30% gpu tax, to a comfortable 20%.

  • Alive RTGI

  1. Requirements: PascalGlitcher's RTGI Shader There is a $5 minimum through MartyMcFly's Patreon to gain access to the discord that the RTGI shader is release through. 
  2. The RTGI shader is NOT included in the Alive Render download. You will need to source it yourself.
  3. RTGI Shader version 0.30 is the version Alive RTGI is set to use. Newer versions as of now either do not work, or are broken in Gshade. IT IS CURRENTLY NOT WORKING AS OF THE PATCH ON 11/1/22 PLEASE SKIP RTGI UNTIL A LATER DATE

  • There are two versions of Alive RTGI

  1. Gameplay (RTGI)
  2. Screenshot (RTGI)

  • Gameplay (RTGI)

  1. This version is meant for Gameplay, and as such has certain effects tuned down for an acceptable framerate.
  2. There is a hefty 35% performance Tax.
  3. Global Illumination is at times either not noticeable (darker areas) or is far too bright. (I'm lookin at you, Limsa) 
  4. The overly bright visuals may be desirable.  (???)
  5. The color of the skybox is taken into account when displaying Global illumination. Forest areas are green, desert areas are orange, etc.
  6. All MXAO shading is handled by the RTGI shader. Selecting the RTGI shader when you do not have the RTGI shader installed will result in Alive defaulting to Performance mode.

  • Screenshot (RTGI)

  1. As the name implies, this version is meant for screenshots, and only screenshots.
  2. For depth of Field, the shader "Cinematic DOF" is implemented, and will display it's focal point, near and far curves, on mouse click.
  3. You (yes you, reader) will have to make changes to the preset to get it to look correct for your environment.
  4. MXAO is handled by both the RTGI shader and the MXAO Gshade shader.
  5. There is staggering 50-70% performance tax.

As an example of performance, My computer, running Windows 11 (i9-9900k, RTX3090FE, 2K Monitor (2440x1440))
Alive 5 Ultra: 120-144 FPS
Alive RTGI Gamplay: 90-110 FPS
Alive RTGI Screenshot: 30-40 FPS (with a distant 60ms frametime)

Probably not surprising: When running through Linux I got around a 30 fps increase to each preset. Windows is dumb.

PascalGlitchers RTGI Shader.
As mentioned, Alive RTGI uses the 0.30 version of the RTGI shader from MartyMcFly. THIS CURRENTLY IS BORKED UNTIL GSHADE UPDATES. If you really really need RTGI, please use version 0.27 or 0.27c.
Once again, as mentioned above, the download does not include the RTGI shader file, only a preset to be used with it.

------------------------------------------------------- REQUIREMENTS -------------------------------------------------------

Gshade is required for the use of Alive

Get Gshade here:

Alive RTGI requires the use of PascalGlither's RTGI Shader, Version 0.30 THIS CURRENTLY DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY! If you really need the RTGI, please use version 0.27 or 0.27c

Purchase the RTGI shader here: Patreon

------------------------------------------------------- INSTALLATION -------------------------------------------------------

Follow Gshade instructions!
After installation, copy contents of zip file to the "gshade-presets" folder, found in "FINAL FANTSY XIV Online > game" folder (default installation)

After the game has booted you can select the Alive presets from the "Alive presets" folder from the Gshade UI.

Alive 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0.1* will still be available for download if you prefer the way those look.
*No Alive 4 because it was the ugly duckling of the family
There have been a few cases of other nexus users uploading tweaked versions of Alive as their own.
As stated in the modpage, using Alive without permission is against what I'd like for users to do.
If you want to use Alive as a base to a preset, please send me a mail, and we will talk over the details of approval.

I make Alive because I wanted there to be a preset that people could actually use, that actually looked (objectively) good to nearly everyone.

This is not for profit, and Alive will always be free.
Please respect the core aspects of Alive.