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This mod overhauls all the eyes for all races and genders in FFXIV. Each of these eye textures were hand crafted with each specific race, sub-race, and gender in mind.

Permissions and credits

Owl's Eyes of Eorzea

Due to personal Reasons I am unable to
update this mod for Dawntrail.
WingedAsarath has so kindly updated it for us.
It can be found here:

Aster's Eyes of Eorzea

A complete overhaul of all eyes for all race, gender, sub-races, and faces.
Pretty much it, plain and simple.

I have packaged these files both into TTMPs and for manual installation,
just so that people have options.

I will also be adding a file with just the unpack-aged textures, for anyone who wants to swap textures around.

Feel free to edit my textures or use them as a base for any eye mods going forward,
just make sure to add me in the credits.

Thanks and have fun!

How to Install:

You will need FFXIV Textools to install this mod.

For the TTMP Files simply place the files into My Documents/Textools/Mod Packs,
then open Textools, go to Mods, and Import Modpack.

For the manual files you will have to drop the files into My Documents/ Textools/ Character/ Faces,
after exporting all of the existing face files in Textools first.
Then you will have to individually go in and import each one of the new faces for every face, race, and gender.

If you want to use a texture meant for one race on another you will have to rename the file to the same as the original exported Specular map.
Then do the steps listed above for manual installation.