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Improves the visual quality of game for HD and UHD resolutions.

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The Final Fantasy XIII HD Project

When Final Fantasy XIII first came out in 2009 the visual quality was very good for that time period.  Over the years, however, modern game graphic quality has improved tremendously but even with the advent of the game on the PC, the visuals were hardly improved from the original.  This mod attempts to correct this oversight.  This project works on improving the textures in the game, most notably the environmental textures but also some of the NPC, Eidolons and weapons.  In addition to the mod itself, there is a .PDF included that details settings that can be used on some NVIDIA cards to further improve the visual quality, especially at the 1080p and 4k levels.  There may be equivalent settings on AMD Radeon cards, but we did not have access to any so we could not test.  This document details how to set up the LOD (level of detail) to a negative value, forcing the graphics subsystem to choose higher resolution mipmaps.  This is similar to what was done on the XBox One X to improve the quality, however in this mod, we also provide many additional higher quality textures.  This LOD change can be used to improve the game quality even without this mod.

We also recommend using the Model Swap HD mod to improve the main character models and textures.  The HD Project mod does not change the base quality of the playable characters so as to not interfere with Model Swap which has additional options and enhancements.  If you plan on using both mods, install them in the same directory so they can share extracted game files.  Otherwise the second one to run may not work.

A few comparison images taken at 4k have been uploaded to show the difference.  While the .jpg format does eliminate some of the improved detail, it is still visible.  In the first image of a close up of the bark on a tree in the Sunleth Waterscape, you can see the increased sharpness and detail in the bark.  In the second image which is a split into 4 sections (original / HD / HD / original), if you compare the detail in the flower in the two left images as well as the forest in the background, there is an improvement in the clarity and detail.  Likewise in the two pictures to the right, the rock formations and grass, even in the distance, show more detail and are not as blurred. The third one is of the Yaschas Massif.  The final one is Fang with her Bladed Lance.  Note the text on the lance along with the designs on the haft.  This image also shows the difference between the base model and what is loaded with "Model Swap HD".  The difference between Fang's hair and sari between the two images is striking. 

Cautionary Note: This mod pushes the limits of the game engine and its interface with the graphics system.  There is no guarantee that this mod will work with all graphics cards (the minimum graphics card we tested had 4GB of VRAM).  During development numerous game crashes occurred and a significant amount of work was done to determine causes and modify the mod sufficiently to eliminate the issues that were found.  At this point, there are no known game issues using our test hardware.  However, the testing was limited as we are not able, due to time requirements, to run multiple times through the entire game or have extended play sessions.  So the short of it is “Use at your own risk.”  There is an uninstall option, but having your own backup copies of the game files, or willing to take the time to have Steam verify the integrity of your files to get back to a base game may be a better option.  Should you encounter a crash, and it repeats either at the same place or after about the same amount of play time, please post your issue with as much detail as possible to help us troubleshoot the issue.  Also include your specific hardware setup including main memory, graphic card model, graphic memory and any mods you are running as we suspect many of these crashes are due to memory management issues within the game and system. 

Many players do not have any issues using this mod, however if you experience random crashes during gameplay, some of the following recommendations may resolve the problem.
  •Using the FF13Fix is recommended, however you can try turning Triple Buffering
OFF.  Triple buffering appears to use enough additional memory to sometimes cause problems
  •Don’t use Reshade.  Similar reasoning to the Triple Buffering.  We suspect memory issues and Resahde utilizes additional VRAM.
  •Optional: Reduce the MSAA level if you still have crash issues.

Installation:  Unzip the files into the directory of your choice.  If you use the “Model Swap HD” mod, you can install them in the same directory.  This would provide two benefits.  First, the installation process will be slightly shorter as some of the required game textures are already unpacked, and second, the Model Swap HD mod will be able to utilize some of these textures in the alternate models optional file.  No matter where you install the files, run the batch file “_FFXIII HD Project.bat” file.  You will be asked what you wish to do (several install/uninstall options – recommended to just “Install All HD Textures”).  Once answered, it will begin a lengthy process of updating the game files.  This process will take between 10-45 minutes depending on your machine, specifically your hard drive R/W speed.  SSD drives will go much quicker, laptop hard drives, slower.  Informational messages are shown during the process.  Once the process is complete, you can start the game.  All previous save files will utilize the upgraded textures.

Updates: One or more update files may also be available for the main file.  Update files add additional features to the main mod  To install an update, extract the file into the main mod directory and run the associated update.bat file.  Update batch file will have the same version number as the update, so for example, Update 1-1 will have a batch file named "Update 1-1.bat".

Patches: A patch file may be available for the main download.  If so, the major and minor versions numbers should match.  (Patch 1.0.x goes with the main FF XIII HD Project 1.0.0)  Extract the patch file into the main mod directory before you run the mod.  Patch files correct errors in the main mod without the need to re-download the large main file.  Patch files should always be installed.  Patches may come with instructions if additional actions are required to complete the process.

Note: Critical bug found in the installation of the environment textures in Patch 2.0.0.  Environment textures not being loaded for either English or Japanese files.  Now fixed in Version 3.0.0 and later versions.  Download the latest version and rerun the installer to correct.

  •   Will this mod work on AMD Radeon graphics cards?
It should.  There is nothing in the mod itself that should prevent this, although we did not have the hardware to test.

  • Will this mod work on graphic cards with less than 4 GB VRAM?
Most likely.  We have reports of cards with only 2 GB working fine.  Give it a try.  If it doesn't work, you can always uninstall the mod.

  • I don't see any difference in the visual quality.  What's wrong?
As long as the mod seemed to install correctly, then probably nothing.  The visual improvement depends on where you are.  Some textures have a much bigger jump in quality than others.  Places where you should notice a difference is where there is writing present, such as on Fang's bladed lance, or signs.  Also on Gran Pulse, rock formations, plants and grass should show significant improvement.  Higher resolutions will show more improvement.

  • place or item xyz is still fuzzy or looks bad, can you improve it?
Some things in the environment have not been updated.  For example, the pulse Fal'Cie in the Hanging Edge has not been touched as it is part of a different game file so it still has the original quality.  It may be possible to upgrade that down the road.  But if there is a specific area, item or person that doesn't look good, let us know.  Maybe we can do something about it.

Test Hardware:
  For reference, the following systems were use for testing.
Dell 5577 Laptop with NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics.  (1080p only)
Desktop with an 8GB NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphics card.  16 GB RAM (1080p & 4K)
AMD Phenom II X6 with a NVIDIA 4GB GTX 1050 TI graphics card.  16 GB RAM (1080p & 4K)